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41 Platter's

The best ever! Better than Hershey's! I love platters so very much

42 Cloud 9
43 Shirin Asal


44 Kandos
45 Wilbur

Another Pennsylvania brand that has been around longer than Hershey's and tends to have a smoother, richer and more natural fresh taste than Hershey's

46 Goldkenn
47 Jupiter's Dream Chocolate
48 Van Houten

Yes.. For the chocolate made in Indonesia.. Van Houten is the best.. Beating Silver Queen, Cadburry, and other middle price chocolate.. Best buy for middle price chocolate.. For the high price.. Lindt is the best buy..

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49 Campco

I just love campco and its taste if you are an Indian than taste campco you will forget others

50 Baratti & Milano
51 Swisslion Takovo
52 Menz
53 Tootsie Roll

Tootsie rolls have kind of a chocolaty flavor but I'm not sure if it's chocolate either. I mean, it doesn't taste like real chocolate but it does feel a bit chocolaty. Overall I really like tootsie rolls lol

I don't think Tootsie rolls are chocolate. by the way I said I don't THINK is because I've never tasted one

54 Ulker
55 Karl Fazer
56 Kex

BEST CHOCOLATE EVER! I agree with the one who put this category on, everybody should try it!

This chocolate comes from Sweden, it is number one and everybody should eat it!

57 Dagoba Organic Chocolate

Absolutely the best chocolate and the best cocoa on the planet. These other brands don't hold a candle to Dagoba. Even though Dagoba is owned by The Hershey Company, it is a premium brand and it's for chocolate connoisseurs only. Not for the kiddies or for Halloween treats... It's too special!

58 Aero

Is is the best chocolate in he works

AERO! Its quite nice you know like how it bubbles in your mouth...

Don't eat it if you have a phobia of holes though... - Chocolate4life

59 Dolfin
60 Bistefani
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