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61 Cow Chocolate

It has special sweetness that I havn't found in any other brand... Just amazing.

62 Fannie May
63 Ducd'o

Ducd'o has loads of flavour and texture. The crunchy biscuit milk truffles is unbeatable.

64 Red Tulip
65 Haigh's
66 Guido Gobino
67 Candyman
68 Cadbury Dairy Milk

This is nice but not enough cocoa - Chocolate4life

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69 Crunchie

Crunchie is extremely bad for you... But who the hell cares its glorious taste makes it my fave

Anyone ever wondered why one side is hard and the other is soft? - Chocolate4life

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70 Wawel
71 Wedel
72 Hebert
73 Mad├ęcasse

These chocolates are exquisite. Nothing is fake, just pure chocolate-y goodness... And they help a good cause!

74 Panda

Finnish liquorice producer also makes chocolate. It's so tasty!

75 Patchi
76 Kalev

So big choice of chocolates there are more than 100 diffrent kinds of chocolates

77 Milky Way

The caramel combined with the nougat makes this brand the best.

Hate this chocolate, no offense but awful texture - Chocolate4life

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78 Montezuma's

I travel loads with my work/family and we're big chocolate eaters. We've tried many chocolates around the world, Cadurys (very sugary), Rococco (amazingly bitter), Ghirardelli (fabulous drinking chocolate), but recently whilst in Brighton we found a local brand called Montezuma. Dark Chocolate with more than 70percent Cocoa is hard to find. Low sugar and low carb too. They had many different flavours - Lime, ginger, orange, Rhubarb...and then some. Although the drinking chocolate doesn't compare to the luxury of Ghirardelli, their dark, milk and white chocolate remains better than many I've tried globally.

79 Santa Barbara Chocolate

Santa Barbara Chocolate Factory direct supplier of organic, GMO Free, Kosher certified and rainforest friendly chocolate couvertures for professional bakers, candy makers and chocolate lovers. We offer a gourmet range of wholesale chocolate truffles, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate nuts and favors also. Your Source for Premium Chocolate Ingredients.

80 Malley's

Every candy there is good, especially the stuff with other stuff like caramel, peanuts, etc. They have the best almond and pretzel candy bars - Lucretia

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