Top Ten Best Christian Bale Movies

The Top Ten Best Christian Bale Movies

1 The Dark Knight

Christian Bale is my favorite actor. My favorite performance of his in in the Fighter, but this is my favorite movie of all time. So yes, I voted for this. - elijahpierson

Acting both star Christian bale and heath ledger is very well and also very good direction approach... I give this movie rate 9.6/10.

Although I love both 'The Dark Knight' & 'The Machinist' at same level, but The Dark Knight always steals the show only because of 'Heath Ledger'. But 2nd vote to The Machinist

This is a good movie, but not Christian Bales' best performance. He's had better in other movies like American Psycho and The Fighter.

2 American Psycho

The Dark Knight was good but the reason a lot of people voted for it is because the joker or just the movie itself but we're talking about his performances. He was really good in The Dark Knight but American Psycho show how really diverse and amazing he can really be

It's hard to narrow it down to one! This one and The Machinist are two movies that will blow your mind! But in American Psycho you laugh, you cringe, you just thoroughly enjoy yourself.

He runs around naked with a chainsaw covered in blood, that is why this movie kicks ass. I would talk more about how great this movie is but I have to go return some videotapes. - BeatlesFan1964

American Psycho is an underrated classic.

3 The Dark Knight Rises

Well it's at 11th unbelievable. Voted for it because it deserves at least a 4th place after the fighter, the dark knight and the machinist

I think the best part of batman. A perfect ending to a great legend. He is my favorite hero. Best from iron man, super man, captain america.

Just the best movie of all times, and I can't figure a better Bruce Wayne/Batman than Christian Bale...

Last portion of the movie is breathtaking... bale proved why he is best

4 Batman Begins

He portrayed the character of Bruce Wayne with such brilliance that it's so... AWESOME!

Great movie. Christian bale portrays batman perfectly in this first installment of Christopher Nolan's dark knight trilogy.

The best movie I have watched ever, Christian bale is now my favorite.

Acting of Christian in this movie must surely be ranked higher.

5 The Prestige

It's a fantastic movie... The whole plot of movie is just incredible...

Most underrated movie. Better than all movies of Christian Bale. Loved his and Hugh Jackman's acting. My all time favorite.

This is the best movie of the decade! It should top the list

His acting was so intense and beautifully executed

6 The Machinist

Really! He's a great actor...

This movie was the reason that I became a fan of 'Christian Bale'

His magnum opus - tatef87

It is the movie where you will find the ultimate extent where an actor can reach by his/her dedication and hardwork clearly.. And at the end it will surely give you enough reasons to be a big fan of Christian Bale. Awesome movie, awesome acting, awesome story line.. A big applaus for this tremandous actor.

7 The Fighter

Absolutely amazing, his best part yet, so great in this role, It looks like he is gonna win the Oscar - roblist

He absolutely lives the character Dicky Eclund in this movie. Beats American Psycho just slightly for me for his best performance yet.

This performance nominated for oscars..

8 American Hustle

Outstanding role by him

9 3:10 to Yuma

Not only is it one of Christian Bales best movies, it's also one of the best westerns as well as one of the best remakes ever made. Excellent soundtrack, direction and performances. Really intense and exciting movie.

10 Terminator: Salvation

Christian Bale is superb as John Conor... He had a great physique in this movie... Sam worthington is good as well...

I think one day it will be like that

Great sci-fi action with a terrific Christian Bale. Well-made and well-acted. Supremely underrated.

The Contenders

11 Equilibrium

I absolutely loved the feeling of this movie. And the action was awesome so um I loved it

Very underrated sci-fi gem

12 Empire of the Sun

I can't believe this wasn't even on the list before! This was on of Christian Bales first movies and the plot is so touching, especially during the kamikaze pilot scenes. Bale was really young when this was filmed and he still performed so well. This movie is so underrated. So touching. This British boy living in the white part if town in China who was sheltered from everything for a majority of his life suddenly sees the ugly truth and during a war finds himself a prisoner of war, separated from his parents. He learns to live with the new way of life, relying on a middle aged unreliable American man to father him, at least at first. Eventually, he learns to take care if himself but the camp us do cruel and he feels bad about taking advantage of his old life. He befriends a Japanese child on the other side of the fence who is the child of the very people who imprisoned him. Later, that boy becomes a kamikaze soldier, breaking the boys heart. Later, the camp is attacked by American ...more

Very good movie. Outstanding role by him

13 Rescue Dawn
14 Out of the Furnace

Not his best but another great performance from one of the best actors out there. Not to mention the rest of the cast were amazing too.

Super underrated...fantastic performance

Very underrated movie.

15 Laurel Canyon
16 Vice
17 Newsies
18 Harsh Times

One of the coolest movies haha, trechory!

19 Metroland
20 Reign of Fire
21 The New World
22 Public Enemies
23 The Flowers of War
24 Velvet Goldmine
25 Little Women

I grew up watching this movie and I fell in live w Christian(Laurie) and got so mad at Jo for not marrying her! Why did Amy take him..

26 Ford v Ferrari
27 A Midsummer Night's Dream
28 The Big Short

It isn't out yet, I know. I'm just adding it to the list for keeps sake. - MontyPython

29 I'm Not There
30 Shaft
31 Hostiles

Deserves a much higher ranking in this list than its current standing, #31, at the time of my writing this. His performance was gritty, heart-felt, and realistic. While the film itself was not of same caliber of some of his other films (due to the direction), Bale's performance was above average, the best in the film.

I think this movie emotionally touches everyone's heart

32 Exodus: Gods and Kings

Very good movie. It should be in top 5

33 Knight of Cups
34 Howl's Moving Castle
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