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21 Reign of Fire
22 Empire of the Sun

I can't believe this wasn't even on the list before! This was on of Christian Bales first movies and the plot is so touching, especially during the kamikaze pilot scenes. Bale was really young when this was filmed and he still performed so well. This movie is so underrated. So touching. This British boy living in the white part if town in China who was sheltered from everything for a majority of his life suddenly sees the ugly truth and during a war finds himself a prisoner of war, separated from his parents. He learns to live with the new way of life, relying on a middle aged unreliable American man to father him, at least at first. Eventually, he learns to take care if himself but the camp us do cruel and he feels bad about taking advantage of his old life. He befriends a Japanese child on the other side of the fence who is the child of the very people who imprisoned him. Later, that boy becomes a kamikaze soldier, breaking the boys heart. Later, the camp is attacked by American ...more

Very good movie. Outstanding role by him

23 The Big Short

It isn't out yet, I know. I'm just adding it to the list for keeps sake. - MontyPython

24 Velvet Goldmine
25 Little Women

I grew up watching this movie and I fell in live w Christian(Laurie) and got so mad at Jo for not marrying her! Why did Amy take him..

26 The Flowers of War
27 I'm Not There
28 Shaft
29 Exodus: Gods and Kings

Very good movie. It should be in top 5

30 Knight of Cups
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