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81 Robbie Seay Band V 2 Comments
82 Believer

Probably too heavy for most, but in their genre they are as good as any other. Tight, well structured songs. Criminally overlooked. Best album is "Extraction from Mortality"

83 Deliverance

Deliverance shreds and along with tourniquet deserves to be in different category, really on the same list as superchick

Really all three deliverance, repent... Or bloodgood should be top 20 all time.

Best bands ever in Christian metal deliverance... Repent... bloodgood

84 King James

When their debut record came out in 1994, they were the literal Christian Super-group. With the rhythm section of Stryper, Jimi Bennett's soaring vocals and Rex Carroll's mind blowing fret work, King James were the best of the best. Look for a NEW album SOON!

85 Aunt Betty

Is a anther one should be look at

86 311 311 311 is an American rock band from Omaha, Nebraska. The band was formed in 1988 by vocalist and guitarist Nick Hexum, lead guitarist Jim Watson, bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills.
87 For King and Country

I started out just liking them. I was like, "okay, they're cool! " But then my Sister became obsessed with them and started listening to their music so much, and I got to like them a lot more. Honestly, I'd probably count them as one of my favorites of all time.

I love For King and Country. I also love that they are two brothers who love each other so much that they formed the best Christian duo ever. I was between For King and Country and Casting Crowns, but I went with this one because my favorite song is Priceless. I love all of their many songs, and the first song I ever heard by them was Shoulders, which would make anyone cry. It made me cry. :) I love you guys. Keep creating more songs. You guys are amazing. Nope. That's an understatement. You guys are Christian Heroes, and I love listening to you on Star 99.1. Your songs are so exhilarating, and I want to go to every single one of your concerts, even if some of them are in Cali. Love you guys

I can't believe they are not on the list. One of my favorite song is proof of your love.

The best band ever

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88 Remedy Drive

The first time I heard them was at a Kutless concert. They sound absolutely amazing live! I've loved their music ever since!

Great group of guys that can rock out.

Wuho the lyrics and music were both great :]

89 Earthsuit

A Christian band with a unique sound. Their music borrowed elements of hip hop, electronica, and experimental music. While the band only found commercial success with one album with the single "One Time, " members of Earthsuit continue to work together on a couple of projects most notably MuteMath.

How can this band be so low on this list? This band was MuteMath before they were MuteMath! Seriously, "One Time" was a revolutionary sound and it gave birth to songs like "Chaos" and "Typical" that were so popular on the radio. A truly great band!

90 Blindside

All if there mysic is really cool and they have a wide selection of music and genres. Look up songs like " Eye of the Storm", " About a Burning Fire", or " There Must be Something in the Water". They're all really good songs. Blindside should have originally been on this list, Flyleaf and We As Human should have been higher on the list, and Tenth Avenue North and Manic Drive shouldn't be on the list at all.

Blideside was an awesome band back in the day with songs such as teddybear, Silence, and pitiful

Why is blindside so low it should be in the top twenty at least

Why is blindside so low on this list?

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91 Zao

A metalcore band, Zao originally had a strong commitment to Christ-centered music. The composition of the band changed over time as did it's emphasis on Christian themes in its songs. While the band still exists and their Wikipedia entry indicates there have been changes to their website, there hasn't been an album release in many years.

92 The Diverse City Band

I loved tobyMac a lot, and then I realized the background music was just as good! Diverse City is a band that makes a bunch of different types of music. They do Hip Hop, Rock, and everything else needed! The band needs to be farther up on the list, and tobyMac needs to be higher on the CCM list.

So Diverse City is the band that does the background music for TobyMac? Cool! - RiverClanRocks

93 Sacred Warrior
94 Larry Norman V 2 Comments
95 Living Sacrifice

Gotta go with the legends, Got hooked on "Reject" from the Reborn album, then the "Hamming Process" dropped and WOW. Thank you.. The best concert I went to had to be when they toured with Demon Hunter

I remember seeing them live at cornerstone fest and they where sick. Vote for Living Sacrifice because they are on of the patriarchs of Christian hard rock

Great music. They put on an incredible show. Had the pleasure to meet these guys at one of there shows and they took the time to go eat with us before the show. Really down to earth guy's.

Present yourselves as a living sacrifice.

V 4 Comments
96 Boanerges V 1 Comment
97 Ruth

They are a pretty new band though... Have you heard "Back to the Five" try listening to it!

98 Embodyment

Listen to "The Narrow Scope of Things" album. The whole thing is awesome

99 .rod laver

Along the same lines as Kid Rock or Korn,. Rod laver found some success in the Christian music scene around the turn of the century.. Rod laver was a staple at Christian music festivals and was known for wearing a cowboy hat.

100 One Republic

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 110? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? I mean come on. One Republic is one of the best bands

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