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Skillet is an American Christian rock band formed in Memphis, Tennessee in 1996 and based in the United States.


Best band in any genre period. They have so many amazing songs that pump you up for God and/or help you to persevere in this broken world. They rock face off. I became a fan a month ago after listening to some of their songs. Within three days skillet was my favorite. I do not want to pick a favorite song from them or even a top 15. They rock your face off, John Cooper is a peanut (podcast reference, go watch skillet podcasts on YouTube now) with possibly the voice of God when he sings, Korey Cooper is as cool as one can be with her keyboarding, rhythmic, synthesizing skills, and is a great singer, Jen Ledger rocks socks, hats, and maybe all of your clothes off when she goes chewbacca on those drums, plus she has one of the best voices ever, Ben Kasica was just pro and chill and understood how to be awesome and Seth Morrison is pro and a cool, humble dude. I am shocked that Flyleaf isn't in here. Lacey Sturm has such a powerful backstory and such a passion for God and her and the ...more

Skillet puts thought into their songs and I mean for example " The Last Night " John wrote this song when his friend was about to commit suicide because everyone said she was a loser and her parents had expectations of her, failing and ruining everything. In " Lucy " A young couple were dating and they found out that the girl was pregnant and they felt like their only option was to get an abortion and they did and they thought the problem was solved but after weeks they felt awful so they went to a therapist and they said to treat like a loss in the family so they set up a funeral, got a grave stone and named the baby Lucy. So Skillet actually puts thought into the songs and some may not sound like Christian songs but they are because they talk about the consequences which are the sins and to do what is right to God.

Fireflight's awesome! But then again it's just an opinion. And everyone has a different opinion. So then what's the point of this rating competition? So that others know what to listen to. Fireflight, Skillet, Kutless, Seventh Day Slumber, Ashes Remain, Sent By Ravens, The Letter Black, Silverline, some of Red, and some of Disciple are some really awesome Christian hard rock bands. Most of their songs don't have screaming except for some of Red and Disciple. Most of the vocalists sing some pretty high notes that could be interpreted as screaming but it's really not. These bands have great beginnings, guitar rifts, build-ups, bridges... These bands are the best Christian hard rock bands out there.

Another thing I like about them is that they have strings, cellos, pianos, and violins in their songs. Listen to them if you like Christian hard rock. These bands are amazing.

There are two forms of singing: high and low, and light and deep. The lead singer can sing high abd deep, making him sound lower. Both women have amazing range, and the drummer, though female (not bashing women, just saying most are guys), puts some of the best drummers to shame, and the backup guitarist can do some of the best picking I've ever heard. Overall, almost every song they've made is a hit and huge success, and all their instrumental music is amazing and their voices match their music perfectly, and despite all their heavy rock, you can perfectly understand the lyrics. All in all, each one is super talented and has unique skills, and as a band, they make incredible music, impactful lyrics, glorify and love Christ, and despite all this, unlike most bands, they have outstanding singing ability worthy of professional choirs. They are the best Christian band of all time!

Skillet is an AMAZING band! Skillet and Red are two of my top bands. I would listen to them at first simply for the love of their music, and when I realized their lyrics spoke about their faith in Jesus and The Lord, it made me love them all the more. It is a difficult decision between Red and Skillet, but I think Skillet's lyrics might have, either, a bit more meaning behind their words, or greater audience appealing music with their songs. Love them all the same though and that will never change

I've been searching for the top Christian bands to try on a different style. I tried listening to all of the bands listed here, and I can't deny the fact that all of them are good, as in blessed with talents. But 1 band really caught me, and no other that skillet. Great music overall

Death surrounds my heartbeat slowing down I won't take this world's abuse I don't give up I'll refuse this is how it feels when you take your life back this is what it feels when you finally fight back what everything you love is leaving you hold onto what you believe in the last thing I heard was you Whispering goodbye and then I heard you flat back no not gonna die tonight we're going to stand and fight forever don't Close Your Eyes

It has to be skillet as number one, they rock the hardest out of all the bands listed below and you can't tell what they're talking about whether it's life or god, which makes it easy to listen to for everyone. I also don't understand why Lifehouse isn't on this list, because they'd be number two

I say Skillet, TFK, and Red... Kutless is great too... ALL VERY AWESOME. Again, that is just my style... I like nu metal as I loved LB and korn before falling in love with Jesus. Chevelle moved totally away from where they were as a Christian band with songs like "Grab thy Hand".. Just like Stryper! Its really sad. Pete just didn't want to push the Christian thing and now their lyrics actually make me wonder if they are questioning their faith... "Glimpse of the Con" and "Envy".

I honestly enjoy John Coopers vocals and the addition of Jen Ledgers only makes them better! They're intense, talented and a blessing. I finally get to enjoy the type of music I LOVE and don't have to listen to the trashy lyrics of the secular counter-parts!

There is no topping these guys (and girls). It is the perfect combination of rocking to a 100% real rock band, and also worshipping Jesus Christ at the same time. Their style is amazing with synth, strings, heavily distorted rhythm guitar, perfect vocals by John Cooper and Jen Ledger, and breathtaking solos by Seth Morrison in perfect harmony. I've loved this band since "Collide"!

Skillet no question. Hmm... Why? Well let me put it this way. THEY'RE AWESOME! They have amazing songs that can be interpreted many different ways. Some make you cry others make you laugh. I loved "Lucy" and "would it matter" and a bunch others

Because of Skillet I have gotten into Christian Rock. Also because of them my Faith in Christ has strength and made me into a better person. I find myself listening to them on my to school, Church, Home and before every sporting event I participate in. They are the Greatest!

Really man... They're awesome.. They have faith in GOD by playing music 4 God... Lead singer John Cooper voice is truly male voice should be.. Drummer Jen plays the drums... Full of energy and compassion makes SKILLET band the Top 1...

I like Skillet's older music better than their new album Rise. Like their Albums Comatose and Awake. I like their songs Rebirthing, Whispers In The Dark, The Older I Get, The Last Night, Hero, Monster, Awake and Alive, One Day To Late, and Lucy. I still think Skillet's Album released in 2013 Rise alright, but not as good as Comatose and Awake and Alive.

Skillet is always going to be number one for me I have never liked any other band until I listened to skilet and you have to make more music because you have awesome music and a awesome genre in you guys!

Skillet has always been my favorite Christian band! I'm the daughter of a youth leader at our church and they have always been played at our gatherings. Their lyrics are amazing and so is their music! And what I love about them most is their Faith in God!

Skillet is my favorite been a fan since I was 13 and I'm 19 going on 20 my all their songs have meaning to them and the band actually pays attention to their fans they do little YouTube videos every other day just for their fans

There music has a meaning it helps people of some sorts it's a good mix of rock with some songs then Christian in some skillet and red are neck to neck with me there music is amazing and as well as the lyrics I can defiantly see why this amazing band made first place

Skillet's faith and testimony in God while making hard rock music out of it is amazing because not only the words inspire me but also their voices because you can hear it in a person's voice when they are singing to be heard or sing "for" something or someone. It's amazing that they do this because I love hard rock music and I am a Christian, and I may be all about rocking n roll but I know that I can be a hard rocker and a praiser at the same time because skillet is showing that it can be done.


The best Christian ROCK band ; ever.
The band whose Christianity is a true inspiration.
The group of musicians who couldn't write a bad song to save their lives.
The band whose songs always relate to what people struggle with in their daily schedule.
The band who truly deserve the spot for #1.
My favorite band of all time.

Yeah, I've heard of them.

Skillet is the only band that presents superb rock songs.. The Drummer Jen Ledger has got good talent... Is the what GOD is using the band in ministry.

Its very difficult to make a best choice between SKILLET & RED..

All the best for the Band..

I love this band, I listen to it every day, its the BEST band ever
Each song has so much meaning to it, Skillet even hangs out with other bands that don't believe in jesus and inspires them to believe, this is the best band in the universe!

They are one of the Christian rock bands that sing less about religion, but more about inner struggles and depression in all of us. Their songs are really relatable, and are amazing songs as well. In addition, I've never heard a band that sounds anywhere close live to what they sound like in studio versions until Skillet.

Skillet is easily the best! You can relate to their music and they have gone mainstream! So far they are the best selling Christian rock band and if I made this list it would be 1. Skillet, 2. Disciple, 3. Manafest, 4. Flyleaf, and 5. Kutless but that's my opinion