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21 War of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch War of Change - Thousand Foot Krutch

One of the best songs ever. Just listen and you will like it

22 Outlaws - Disciple Outlaws - Disciple

This is a super-duper awesome song. This song makes you fly.. I mean its so so good and pacey that you just can't stop listening to it.. Disciple's 'After the world' is good too! And Switchfoot's songs should also be higher! - arpanvinayak

23 The Last Night - Skillet The Last Night - Skillet

If the last night is 44th, then the top 46 shouldn't exist...

24 Comatose - Skillet Comatose - Skillet

Not my favorite believe it or not but a very close second. How is Fight Inside by Red not on here because that song crushes any of these songs well except comatose, its just a little better than comatose.

This has got to be the baddest Christian rock song of all times. I'd put it among the top 5. Skillet should just be number 1.

Come on guyx! If you all listen to this beautiful song... automatically this will go no. 1

25 Bring Em Out - Hawk Nelson Bring Em Out - Hawk Nelson

Definitely the greatest Christian punk rock song of all time from the greatest christian punk rock album of all time!

26 Dare You to Move - Switchfoot Dare You to Move - Switchfoot

DYTM is one of the best songs ever. It's the song for which switchfoot is known for. This song changed my soul, gave me energy when I gave up, and soothes me when I am tired. My all time favourite song.

This song should be way higher than this. No ther song will touch your soul like this song. This and Your Love Is A Song are 2 epic songs

This is such a good song. Unfortunately, it's the reason most people don't know that Switchfoot is a Christian band. - LarkwingFlight

I fell in love with this song from the first notes. It's simply epic! Touches your soul...

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27 Rise - Skillet Rise - Skillet

Of the new album, third lead single. I would say it's in the top five for Skillet, for sure. The lyrics found here are more profound than anything found on Awake. There are also some electronic flourishes which really add life to the song, reminding me of the older albums like Invincible and Alien Youth.

Why is this down here. Its the best rock song I ever heard. Its very catchy with the melody and all. I know its not their best song but its supposed to be higher.

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28 Set It Off - P.O.D. Set It Off - P.O.D.
29 Buried Beneath - Red Buried Beneath - Red
30 Hey John, What's Your Name Again? - The Devil Wears Prada Hey John, What's Your Name Again? - The Devil Wears Prada
31 Not Alone - Red Not Alone - Red
32 Never Alone - BarlowGirl Never Alone - BarlowGirl

Should be a lot higher. So much passion and beauty in this song. Will never forget the first time that I heard it. The sing makes me so emotional and I just love listening to it!

I think the song is Barlow Girl's best song. Most of their other music is boring. Never Alone ends right when your getting into it.

This song beautiful and has so much feeling behind it

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33 Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch
34 Sorry About Your Parents - Icon for Hire Sorry About Your Parents - Icon for Hire

This song is strong and beautiful, and although Icon doesn't like to consider themselves a Christian band, all of the members are Christian and they include many Christian ideals in their songs. "Sorry About Your Parents" has good morals and gives a good message to struggling teens.

This is one of the greatest Christian rock songs of all time. This is what Christian rock should be about. Icon is a thousand times better than overrated bands like Skilket, whose lyrics are less than interesting.

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35 Dear X, You Don't Own Me - Disciple Dear X, You Don't Own Me - Disciple

The String insturments make a wonderful build to the hard drums and electric guitars.

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36 Holy - Lightswitch Holy - Lightswitch
37 All Around Me - Flyleaf All Around Me - Flyleaf

Oh my gosh this is also a song that I grew up on

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38 Zombie - We As Human Zombie - We As Human

Zombie and Take the bullets away were the best songs on this album which was the best album since comatose!

39 Frontline - Pillar Frontline - Pillar

If you think skillets song whispers in the dark is good compared to this song then you aren't a rock fan.

40 Falling Inside The Black - Skillet Falling Inside The Black - Skillet

Greatest song. Epic. Please vote for this. Listen and you will know why I am requesting you to do this.

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