Best Christian Songs of All Time

The Coolest songs that praise God from some of the Best christian bands and artists ever.

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1 I Can Only Imagine - MercyMe I Can Only Imagine - MercyMe

Great song for the day we stand before God

This song is timeless. I loved it when it first came out and appreciate it more understanding the back story from the movie. Inspired

Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate this song LORD gave you to share with the world.

This is a good song was the first song I ever bought on google play - trains45

2 Amazing Grace - John Newton

Very emotional

It just is, Like our God.

I love this song

The greatest, then the Lucien Deiss collection.Gregorian chant in the top 3 as well.

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3 Dare You to Move - Switchfoot Dare You to Move - Switchfoot

All these songs are pointless. These people are worshipping a false god and not the true god Satan!

Lift it up high! This is the best song in the world

I love Christian music! It's my favorite!

I can't believe people say there is no God. if there isn't then why are we here? like how as well? and if you asked scientists even they say something else greater made the universe. and by the way demons believe in god and shudder.

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4 In Christ Alone - Owl City
5 Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath

Great song I love it so much beautiful lyrics

6 Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) - Hillsong United

Great song

Love the song it is so uplifting and inspiring, simply moving

Love this song at church!

Oceans is probably one of my favorite songs ever

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7 High Above It All - For All Seasons
8 How He Loves - David Crowder Band

A wonderful song! It can change hearts and touch souls!

9 Word of God Speak - MercyMe
10 All Around Me - Flyleaf

The Contenders

11 Love Song for a Savior - Jars of Clay
12 Jesus Paid It All - For All Seasons
13 O Holy Night - Mercy Me
14 Forever - Kari Jobe
15 Overcomer - Mandisa
16 Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord - MercyMe

It's the best

17 Don't Waste Your Life - Lecrae
18 Through All of It - Colton Dixon
19 Who Am I - Casting Crowns

Their biggest hit so far. Beautiful song, amazing live to sing to with everyone else!

My favorite song

It's my favorite Christian contemporary music.

20 Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman

I love this song, and I love Christian rock

21 Breathe Into Me - Red
22 Awake and Alive - Skillet

Amazing, but I prefer "Not Going To Die" - Rathernotbenamed

Skillet is awesome so is this song!

23 This Is Your Life - Switchfoot
24 The Hurt and The Healer - MercyMe
25 Shake - Mercyme


26 Give Us Clean Hands - Mercyme
27 All This Time - Britt Nicole

I don't know this song but since it is britt nicoles I will probally like it

28 Hold You Up - Shane Harper
29 Be Somebody - Thousand Foot Krutch

My favorite Song! Listen to the lyrics!

30 Hurricane - Samestate
31 City On Our Knees - tobyMac


32 The Proof of Your Love - For King and Country
33 Lay Me Down - Chris Tomlin
34 Praise You In This Storm - Casting Crowns
35 Our God - Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin is the best Christian singer ever - funnyuser

36 Awesome God - Rich Mullins
37 Be My Escape - Relient K
38 East to West - Casting Crowns
39 Above All - Michael W. Smith
40 Light Up the Sky - The Afters
41 Already Over - Red
42 Where I Belong - Building 429
43 My Hope Is In You - Aaron Shust
44 Hero - Skillet
45 Need You Now (How Many Times) - Plumb
46 Never Be the Same - Red
47 Someone Worth Dying for - Mikeschair
48 Testify to Love - Avalon

Loved this song on Touched By An Angel. I taught our youth choir sign language to accompany it.

49 Gloria - Mercyme
50 Down - Mat Kearney
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1. Dare You to Move - Switchfoot
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1. Overcomer - Mandisa
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3. Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman
1. Give Me Your Eyes - Brandon Heath
2. Word of God Speak - MercyMe
3. O Holy Night - Mercy Me

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