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1 Fighter Fighter Cover Art

I love the lyrics and the vocals in this song!

the most powerful voice singing, it's best rock song of diva ever I heard, it's really difficult song

this is the song of my life when I feel down (and that is a lot) I put this song on really loud and sing along with it.

A song that truly has great vocals, lyrics and meaning. I absolutely love it as it always helps through difficult times.

2 Hurt Hurt Cover Art

I believe this is one of her best songs. There is so much depth to it that can not be explained until you listen to the song and read the lyrics.

The song touches other people's hearts because of the tune and the lyrics, this is the best song of Christina Aguilera

Every time I hear this song I'm crying. ;'(

Stripped is the best album by Christina Aguilera on her entire music career, but Back to Basics is quite a good album too. Her singles Candyman and Ain't No other Man was an awesome songs.It's kinda reminds me of her Lady Marmalade era. I chose to vote Hurt because it is the most beautiful ballad she ever sung. Beautiful is Christina's most signature song, but I love how she put all her feelings and emotions about her father on this song which is so special especially those who are with the same situations with her.

3 Beautiful Beautiful Cover Art

It's the song of inspiration for a lot of people I know, including me. Love you for making a such a wonderful song, Christina!
Thank you!

christina explains that nobody's ugly with this song
i love you xtina

Ther best song ever by her, speaks so much to me and to every girl who listens to it

This is hard because every single one of Christina's song has some type of magic to it, whether it be her vocals, her lyrics, the message in her video. Every song I want to vote for and they all have their own reason. Beautiful is the classic though. Before it was the "big thing" Christina reached out to people all over the world to tell them not to let anyone get them down. No wonder it became a true classic... Christina.. Always the trend setter.

4 Genie In a Bottle Genie In a Bottle Cover Art

Its really magical... Something very special about this song I just can't stop listening..

I simply love the song, music is awesome and christina has sung it very beautifully too.
it should be on 1.

This should be in top 3's. Her voice is too good... I can't stop listening to her.

There's something magical in this song... I can't stop listening... Feels like in Malibu while listening...

5 Ain't No Other Man Ain't No Other Man Cover Art

This song is just amazing! Her voice makes me go WOW, it's so stunning and this is her best song ever! Amazing!

Well the song has an awesome beat and rhythem to it, and the song is so catchy and makes you want to dance. Christina Aguilera also has an amazing voice, and is a very talented person

'You're the only one who's ever PASSED EVERY TESTT' oh my god she's the ultimate queen, the best live and truly the most criminally underrated, vocally supreme artist. The voice of generation, is an utter understatement. She's the empress, the diva, and the most versatile. Love you xtina, you're the best

If you look in the books it will show that ain't No Other Man is one of the greatest songs of all time. It has both jazz and pop element. With her vocals it is an amazing song

6 Dirrty Dirrty Cover Art

this should be nowhere near 4! It's one of the best songs ever! PERFECTION

It's really energetic, and is totally Christina's best vocal performance ever alongside Beautiful. It's so underrated

I listen to the song for years, I just can't stop
Stripped was great, so like Back to Basics...
Love her voice

When you want to get DOWN but also want to win a grammy for those SAVAGE vocals at the end of the song!

7 Lady Marmalade Lady Marmalade Cover Art

An interesting song indeed...

Her voice over powered everyone else's voice

This, is one of those songs you could obsess over. Extremely catchy, the ultimate collaboration, and the amazing vocals create an atmosphere full of love and just jammin' to a great song

8 Candyman Candyman Cover Art

This song is unique... Its a high powered song...
Very catchy... Totally xtina... Makes you wanna get up and dance...

Got that oldies American feel to it with some sexy innuendo. Instant classic.

This song is good and fun if you were going to a party I advise you to choose this song it's so good oh and the singer herself is fantastic!

Candyman is the most catchiest song to date I can't take the chours off my head sweet sugar candyman love her the most

9 You Lost Me You Lost Me Cover Art

One of her greatest ballads. Collaborating with Sia should be something Christina must keep doing for the rest of her career. Beautiful piece of art

Beautiful haunting vocals... She brings the emotions to the song

This is simply a soul rendered into the most emotional presentation that has ever been performed. Her Saturday Night Live production was unbelievable. I wish I had it on video that I could purchase!

I think this is the best christina song the vocals are just so amazing and the lyrics she puts so emotion into the song and it makes me cry!

10 Your Body Your Body Cover Art

AMAZING LEAD SINGLE FOR CHRISTINA'S COMEBACK! I don't why people don't like this song, her vocals are amazing here and the melody and tune really works!

Christina could perfectly unleash her talent and especially her powerful vocals through this song. It was a mixture of wonderful factors that can make of it a success. A beautifully-wrapped gift to all Christina's fans.

This has gotta be above Dirrty and Genie in a bottle. Powerful and inspiring vocals and guess what! THIS SONG CAN ALTER MOODS LIKE HELL.
So impacting Song. Hugs and kisses to Christina for this.

Why don't people support her Lotus album? I mean there are major hits on the album, much better than Bionic. the album deserve #1 on billboard 200 and this lead single should deserve on top 10. as of now the mv of your body is now vevo certified!

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11 The Voice Within The Voice Within Cover Art

"Young girl don't cry. I'll be right here when your world starts to fall."-- Those two lines are a masterpiece. Christina made it sounds just right that it feels like whatever you are going through, she will always be right beside you. It is an amazing feeling of connection right there. When I'm sad, lonely, or upset about something, I would sing along with the song and it would magically cheer me up.

I love the meaning of the song! And she has a beautiful voice! BEST SONG OF HERS!

Why is this song not first? It's by far her most inspirational song and I listen to it every time a feel down or upset. It can make you cry but also makes you realise that you have something to be happy about and you're not alone.

I listen to this song whenever I'm sad and it never fails to cheer me up! Best song~

12 I Turn to You I Turn to You Cover Art

this is the song for my mom when I need someone to turn to I turn to my mom I love you mommy

This is the best song that I ever heard this song is used to be in number 2 because "Fighter" is the right of Number 1 but the Hurt is not used to be in the Number 2

Her vocals in this song! She has so much soul for a half latina! I love her so much! And her blue eyes in the video are mesmorizing

What? 15th? It should be on top ten..
Just listen to it, you'll agree with me

13 Reflection Reflection Cover Art

I love this song it's the best in the whole movie. but I don't why they didn't use the one that chritsina aguliera sing's

This is one of the few songs that you can actually feel christina aguilera's soul. So deep and touching. It's the song that made me a christina fan.

Oh, te best song of Christina, it should be the first of this list, just awesome, I really like its lyrics and her voice is just FABULOUS

Deep Song! This Should be HIGHER!

14 Say Something Say Something Cover Art

Amazing! We haven't heard the softer side of her voice in a long time!

Obvious reason for not voting for this song is that you haven't heard it

This should be number one. what!? -. -

Simply beautiful and emotional tear jerking ballad

15 Not Myself Tonight Not Myself Tonight Cover Art

I know a lot of people are maybe against the "music video" but the song itself is great and I personally like the music video... I'm a guy if that helps.

This song is awesome! She doesn't compromise her great voice either, you can still here her vocally incredible voice.

Most don't like the song because of the music video but if you remove the video and focus on the song it's just a dirrty sexier version of dirrty.


16 Keeps Getting Better Keeps Getting Better Cover Art

I have no idea how this is down here in 7th. The top 3 should include Genie In A Bottle, Keeps Getting Better and Fighter in that order.

Only 4 percent of the votes? How is this worse than Dirrty (repetitive and annoying)? Should be in the top 2/3.

Not Myself Tonight would be better if instead of cry agemidado were a zuada of chainsaw

17 Bound to You Bound to You Cover Art

The most beautiful song Christina has ever sung. Just love this track. It's tender gentle and the vocal gymnastics just add to the brilliance of it. My 9 year old agrees but prefers hurt just. It's a gem that most Christina fans will not have heard or passed over, if so please give this a listen

This song is so wonderful, I can't stop listening to it. And her vocals! I wonder why this song is down here. It should at least on the top 15..

How on earth is this not on the list let alone in top ten.? Its moving and real and sweet... BEST.. SONG.. EVER!

The most beautiful song, I don't understand how it's only number 40. Especially since it's belong a lot of songs of her's that I've never even heard of.

18 Feel This Moment Feel This Moment Cover Art

This one is really Great song by her... Love it!

She's got an amazing voice and it is portrayed very well in this song. Her voice doesn't need auto tune... She is the best!

Although Christina has a small part still she manages to come in the limelight through her voice. hats off

Its definitely worth being in the top 10. You cannot just listen to it once.

19 What a Girl Wants What a Girl Wants Cover Art

You can hear how nice is her voice to listen... In this song. Love it!

20 We're a Miracle

Amazing song, with beautiful words. Used this song as our first dance at our wedding.

21 Something's Got a Hold on Me Something's Got a Hold on Me Cover Art

This song is amazing and vocals here make you stop and say wow, this girl has amazing voice only few can have, some hate her some love her, I love her for sure.

22 I'm Ok I'm Ok Cover Art

This is the most soulful track of Christina.

23 Walk Away Walk Away Cover Art

Another one of those songs that gets me goosebumps. The song reminds me of a kind of abusive relationship where you should get out but you might not want to. As I listened to this, I felt the weight of the decision whether or not she would/could leave him. The voices inside her head and the conflict inside her heart. All I can say is Christina did an excellent job on this one; it's a heart-wrenching, beautiful journey she took me on every single time I listen to Walk Away.

The best version of this song which I ever heard is live on the Stripped Tour in London. That song is great! Christina gave a great performance when she sings live - mainly in this song!

I've always thought this was a beautiful song! If you try to sing along and keep up you will see just how talented she is because its an incredibly difficult song to sing.

I discovered this when I was watching a video on YouTube of christina aguilera's highest notes and I gotta tell, this song caught me on the spot, I didn't know it exists, everything about this song is absolutely terrific and lyrically strong.

24 Car Wash Car Wash Cover Art


25 Makes Me Wanna Pray Makes Me Wanna Pray Cover Art
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