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21 Blank Page Blank Page

Her new ballad is so beautiful, I'm so excited to hear her new album Lotus!

One of her best ballads in her new album and her career.

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22 Feel This Moment Feel This Moment

She's got an amazing voice and it is portrayed very well in this song. Her voice doesn't need auto tune... She is the best!

Although Christina has a small part still she manages to come in the limelight through her voice. hats off

Its definitely worth being in the top 10. You cannot just listen to it once.

I sing it all the time!

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23 Lift Me Up Lift Me Up

One of her best songs! I just can't stop listening to the live version she did for haiti!

Very underrated song, the best on her album Bionic!

Are you frikken kidding me.. This ballad should be at least top 10.. Its so heartwrenching and uplifting.. Its completely underrated. One of the best songs off BIoNIC

24 Desnudate Desnudate
25 Something's Got a Hold On Me Something's Got a Hold On Me

This song is amazing and vocals here make you stop and say wow, this girl has amazing voice only few can have, some hate her some love her, I love her for sure.

26 I'm OK I'm OK
27 Glam Glam
28 We Remain We Remain

I cannot believe this is not in the top 10. Not only is the best written of all her songs, it is the one in which she sang with the most heart and soul. Christina is a legend and is severely underestimated in the music business.

She didn't personally released it but I know it will be a hit if she does. She is one artist that has been underrated for the past years. I doubt if there are other artists who can sing with soul like her.

I always cry when I listen this song, I love this song so much, christina's vocals are amazing as always but this song is... I don't even have words

This should be number 1.

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29 Understand Understand

I just love her voices on this one

30 I Hate Boys I Hate Boys V 1 Comment
31 Tough Lover Tough Lover

A soundtrack from the movie 'Burlesque'. The scene, where this song is played, is the best moment of the whole movie. It gives chills and everybody, who listens to the song would say: damn, this woman has got voice! She can sing her ass off!

32 Prima Donna Prima Donna
33 Mercy On Me Mercy On Me

Her vocals on the song was incredible. Her vocals are so powerful no body can beat her at all. I honestly believe this song has so much meaning and her voice is like no other just beautiful.

Amazing vocals and soulful performance

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34 Keep On Singin My Song Keep On Singin My Song

The highs and the lows... Very difficult to sing... Only Christina can do this... As a singer... Technically I would vote for this one because singing this song is a very good vocal exercise itself... Cheers for this song... KEEP ON SINGING MY SONG!

This should be part of the top 10 even if its not popular like her other songs. The lyrics depicts a sense of determination and hard work and that we all should keep believing in ourselves!

Her best song and her best lyric. Only Christina can sing this song.

Her voice in this is incredible!

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35 Just a Fool Just a Fool

LOVE this song! One of the best on her new album Lotus, next to Sing for me and Blank page!

This song is just the best! Love it the first time I hear it. She's doing a really really great job with blake shelton.
And what the hell is it doing down here at 32? It should be in the top 5 at the very least...

Love this song, the lyrics are the best

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36 Birds of Prey Birds of Prey

Probably the second best song from the "Bionic" era, after "Lift Me Up". As soon as I heard it, I was immediately in love with it. Really makes me wish I had the deluxe version of "Bionic". Easily could have been a #1 on the US Dance Chart, if it was released. The Ladytron and Cathy Dennis writing collaboration made it a masterpiece for her. -

Why was this song a bonus track? For me the best one of "bionic". Like this one very much

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37 Christmas Time Christmas Time
38 Stronger Than Ever Stronger Than Ever

I love this song it is so powerful one listen and you can hear the pain in her voice one of my all time favorites. Christina is the best singer ever.

39 Vanity Vanity
40 Woohoo Woohoo

Hilarious and awesome. Always like the "licky licky yum yum part" just awesome.

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