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41 Oh Mother

Emotional lyrics that appeals to victims of abuse. This song makes me feel sad but in a way that's more positive. Powerful lyrics and incredible delivery

42 Best of Me

This is probably one of. My favorite

43 Bionic
44 Impossible

This one is truly an incredible piece. Shows how great she is as a soul singer plus it's a collaboration with Alicia Keys. It is very much underrated and should totally be in Top Ten.

Not as popular as many of her other songs but hands down her best song. This song shows the true depth of her soul, my vote for number one

This song is way too under rated

45 Sing for Me

One of her most amazing ballads, so full of emotion and rawness. Sing for me is without a doubt one of her top 5 ballads, destined to become a classic on the future singer's attempts on rising to fame.

Best song on lotus! I listen to at least once a day! Amazing vocals that only christina can sing! She was born to sing this song

Why is this at number 27 this should be number 1 this is the best song off her album lotus

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46 Infatuation

Should have definitely been a single

47 Soar

Jesus Christ, this song is underrated!

Best I have a part of this song tattooed on my shoulder

I'm getting wings tattooed on my back with the song's hook under it! - theOpinionatedOne

Great vocals and that whistle? Amazing!

One of my favorite songs ever.

48 Express
49 I Am

Best song ever from christina I think people underestimated her album Bionic.

50 Blessed
51 Sex for Breakfast V 1 Comment
52 Save Me from Myself

Oh how I love Christina going soft and vulnerable. The voice is otherworldly and the lyrics so honest. It's just an incredible song.

It played in my itunes like almost 200times in 1week already.

53 The Right Man
54 Birds of Prey

Probably the second best song from the "Bionic" era, after "Lift Me Up". As soon as I heard it, I was immediately in love with it. Really makes me wish I had the deluxe version of "Bionic". Easily could have been a #1 on the US Dance Chart, if it was released. The Ladytron and Cathy Dennis writing collaboration made it a masterpiece for her. -

Why was this song a bonus track? For me the best one of "bionic". Like this one very much

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55 Love Will Find a Way
56 Welcome
57 Change

The lyrics to this song are really deep.

This song is one of Christina Aguilera's best songs.

This song is one of Christina Aguilera's best songs EVER! this song should be higher on this list.

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58 Hello
59 Cease Fire

Amazzing song... Worth Listening... Every time I listen this song I m on The Edge Of the dancefloor Mazin!

60 Show Me How You Burlesque

64? Should be in the top 15

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