Best Christines in Phantom of the Opera

Who's voice is the most impressive out of all the Christines on Broadway?

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1 Sierra Boggess

Contrary to what others may say, every note that Sierra sings is perfectly on key. She has the range to achieve the highest notes without sounding like she is grasping blindly for them. Her voice is always true, always perfect. Many people compare her to Emmy Rossum, who sang the role in the 2005 movie. There can be no comparison, especially if you think about their ages. Sierra was around 29 when she played the part. Emmy was at least 10 years younger. And, as all people who are musically informed know, a female singer's voice is at its best when she is around 30 years old. It is amazing that Emmy could even sing the part as well as she did. No, she wasn't perfect. Her singing was breathy, and, especially on the a cappella runs on the end of "Think Of Me", she was off on quite a few notes. But she put in a fantastic performance for her age.
Sierra, on the other hand, has a very powerful voice, yet it is sweet. She makes Christine seem strong, and yet vulnerable. As I said before ...more

Not only is she impeccable singer, she is a wonderful actress and dancer. Every emotion and expression is real. To me, she IS Christine Daee. Sarah Brightman used to be, but not anymore. Every note Sierra sings is beautiful, and was the prefect choice for the 25th Anniversary and the sequel (although many did not like the story-line, it doesn't change the fact that her voice was superb). Her performances are flawless and nobody can hit the final note of 'The Phantom of the Opera' like her. One of the best sopranos of our time.
She is the best of the best.

In me Sierra Boggess is a perfect Christine Daae because of her Angelic Voice and she hits the perfect notes until the end, she is the best of the best of all the Christine Daae portrayed I've been heard for so many years. Thanks to Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber he get her to sing the 25th Phantom of the Opera how I wish that Sierra will come in the Philippines to sing here as a Christine Daae please sir Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber please let Sierra Boggess back sing in the Phantom of the Opera...

Sierra is vocals, looks and acting skills in one combined. I personally think that if there is someone who is perfect to assume the role of Christine after Brightman, that is her. The very first time I fell in love with her voice is when I saw her title song performance at the 2012 Classic Brit Awards. Her voice has the perfect balance of being angelic and powerful at the same time. Every note that she sings perfectly depict the emotion. Not to mention that she is also as pretty as her voice. Sierra is the perfect "Chrissy" for me and thanks to her, I need a Phantom rehab.

2 Harriet Jones

I have recently fell in love with show show,she's Christine I've seen along with her understudy

She is the best! Awesome voice and brilliant acting!

She brings such a youthful side of Christine out that isn't often seen! She does a beautiful job!

I watched her in London and she was absolutely amazing.

3 Emmi Christensson

She's an absolute angel. Her portrayal of Christine shows her slightly darker, delusional side, yet at the same time she remains very innocent and sweet. There'a so much control in her voice and it sounds so beautiful. not to mention the book-accurate hair and background. She IS Christine.

She gave an incredible performance when I saw her perform April 2015, she gave Sierra a real run for her money. In addition to her beautiful voice, she IS Christine, blonde and Swedish like the character in the book.

Her Christine is amazing! Se has such an amazing voice and her acting is great.

I had doubts about a blonde Christine, but after seeing her performance, she is now on par with Sierra Boggess in my opinion

4 Katie Hall

Katie just is Christine, she sounds magnificent, and sounds the right age - the result is far more dramatic, and credible, than the norm - which often has someone 10- 15 years older pretending to be a stressed teen in a terrifying situation. Never seen the story work better.

Heard Katie with John Owen Jones and was blown away with both of them.

Beautiful voice. Power and pure!

Katie is better than any Christine!

5 Gina Beck

She and Emmy Rossum are the best! :) then Sarah Brightman in the third place! I think their voices are the most suitable for the role of Christine Daae!


By far the best!

I was expecting to see Gina in the top ten at least! I'm so sad she stopped doing Phantom before I had a chance to see her :( her Think of Me cadenza is beautiful and her Final Lair is the best I have heard (in addition to Sierra Boggess). She and Sierra are Christine to me - also, Gina Beck is really really pretty

6 Mary Michael Patterson

I'll remember that show forever! She's incredible at her job.

Mary is truly amazing! She should be in the top ten!

7 Anna O'Byrne

Anna is number one, but she is Australian that goes against her. (Fact) Amy Manford is exceptional
Too. Both should have been born in the US.

Anna makes such a lovely Christine. She has strikingly beautiful features and a very powerful voice. Her performance in Phantom and Love Never Dies was beyond perfect. It was flawless and phenomenal. She's the BEST Christine for me.

Anna is by far the superior Christine. Out of all the women that have played her, she is definitely the most beautiful one, no competition, and since she's had operatic training she knows how to control her voice and not scream out the notes. She played a perfect Christine in the sequel "Love Never Dies" even better than Sierra, her acting was perfect and her voice was outstanding and was soaring and no wonder why Andrew Lloyd Webber chose the Australian cast version to put on film he said himself it was the best performance he had seen.

Anna O'Byrne isn't in the top ten! An outrage! Her beauty and youthful features that scream Christine Daae only cut the surface. Her voice is powerful and radiant with her Operatic training clearly evident, while being one of the only Christine's that don't suffer from making their voice sound older than it should. She is absolutely Christine!

8 Sarah Brightman Sarah Brightman is an English classical crossover soprano, actress, musician, songwriter, conductor, and dancer.

best ever.

She IS Christine; her singing is spot on. Maybe I can see why people would like another in terms of acting. What I want to know is why people think Emmy Rossum is remotely acceptable as a singer? To me, her singing is not smooth; the way she moves from key to key is bewildering and varies so much in style because she struggles to hit the intended notes. And some times, I think she is just plain off-key. Her singing is weak and breathy (in a bad way). (And the recording for the recent movie has much too much sibilance, so much so it interrupts intelligibility of the words being sung).

For me, Sarah has it all to be a good Christine - and she is the best. The role was written for her, and it certainly suits her. The range of the role is a little wider than most operatic roles and the high notes usually mean that a high coloratura will be singing them. How she can take a high E and go down to a G3 in the same song with equal strength and even tone is beyond me. For reference, the lowest note for soprano in opera is an F3, and that is for a dramatic soprano, a much lower type of soprano. She has the ability to sing the role with precision and ease and that's what makes her the best Christine. Most other Christines go off-key on the lows and have brilliant highs, but Sarah is the only one who I can think of who has the kind of tone that allows for even singing throughout the range.

I know that Sierra is very much acclaimed for her performance as Christine, but there are many obvious flaws in her singing. I feel that Sarah has just the right touch of the operatic timbre, and there is a sweetness that projects the innocence of Christine. Her voice is balanced and both her low notes and high notes are strong. I can see why people like Sierra's singing, but her (sierra's) low notes cannot match Sarah's. When I hear the original London Cast, I could feel the emotion in the music, especially Sarah's singing, more than I could feel it in subsequent productions.

9 Julie Hanson
10 Emmy Rossum

She has a voice of an angel. Her voice sounds sweet and I love all about her. I hope haters would stop being too critical because Emmy wasn't even near to bad, she was great! Maybe not splendid. I'm sorry to say but Sofia Escobar's voice sounds like "speaking voice" and only good when she sings Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. But then again, it's an easy song. I am an operatic singer and I know this. I don't understand why people keep complaining saying that Emmy sucks, please grow up. Most of you haters think that you really now of operatic voice? People say that Emmy's voice was lack of vibrato? People, even operatic singer don't use that much vibrato. Of course, when I tell them this, they would say "It is a musical not an opera! ". I don't understand? You said that her voice wasn't really sounding operatic but when proved wrong, you came up with "it's a musical not an opera! "? Alright, you may continue to hate on Emmy but she did a wonderful job. She was 16 when the ...more

In my opinion, she's one of the best actresses for Christine. I think she did a wonderful job. Her notes are clear and beautiful and she handles difficult parts well. Many people would say that she's not operatic enough, but Phantom of the Opera is technically not an opera. It's a musical. And the composer actually auditioned the cast himself, so there must be a reason to why she was chosen. She can effectively portray the innocence of the character.

People need to remember how old Emmy was when she did Phantom of the Opera! I think most people don't like her because of the director, the fact that she is gorgeous, and Gerard Butler. I've been told I sound just like Emmy Rossum singing in POTO, including my voice teacher, even though I'm younger than Emmy was. (I'm 13) Sierra Boggess has a great voice and I love her in The Little Mermaid, but I just don't think her voice is right for Christine. She doesn't sound quite young enough, clear, and innocent. She's always just slightly off key. If people mention Phantom of the Opera, I immediately think of Emmy and her voice. I've been hearing her for as long as I can remember and in my eyes, she will always be Christine.

One of the biggest characteristics of Christine is her voice is NOT operatic, it is innocent, and clear. Emmy Rossum let the music move her to sing in just such a fashion. The only other one on this list who came close to doing this in my eyes was Rebecca Caine. It's true her voice leaned towards operatic, but her notes were bang-on every time, and clear.

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? Emma Grimsley

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11 Jennifer Hope Wills

In addition to her voice, she is the best actor to play Christine on Broadway.

I wish that they made a recording with her and Howard McGillin. They are stunning!

Brought not only an angelic voice in the role, but truth in her acting as well!

Great technique, beautiful voice, and unlike Sierra and Sarah, she emotes well through her voice.

12 Julia Udine

I saw her on tour... what a talent her voice is like a butterfly although its not strong its beautiful! But I see why shes not on the top ten list b/c like I said the butterfly thing other Christine's Like sierra is a great Dane she can eat that butterfly in one bite.

Leading lady of the new West End Production in which Udine is lovely and enchanting. a superb voice to out duel Carlotta makes this starlight a must see

I saw her on tour... she is amazing her voice reminds me of a butterfly, it may not be strong but its beautiful and it floats perfectly with everything. Her acting is also very good she has so much emotion.

She is small but powerful voice!

13 Sara Jean Ford

Best Christine in my opinion, voice performance was perfect and she understands the character very well. I realize there are other very good actresses for Christine but so far I have not seen one that is better than Sara.

Flawless performer. She was born to be Christine.

She is the best. Her dark voice is beautiful.

14 Rachel Barrell

She is lovely, I think she can really bring Christine's innocence and purity to the role, Though she may need a few acting lessons, she has a gorgeous voice

The only thing more beautiful than her face is her voice. She captures the youth of Christine while having the flawless voice. She is absolutely adorable and I am sure she was trained by the Angel of Music.

I have checked quite a few Christine's. Maybe er voice is not my favourite but is the first time I have seen an innocent and lost Christine. She is my favourite by far for acting.

She really is lovely. I suppose she brings a kind of innocence and purity to the role. She is a brilliant actress in the Final Lair. Her Blod and Flesh belting is awesome. I would love to see her in something other than Phantom. Maybe she could be in Beauty and the Beast as Belle. I would love to see that. Anyone else?

15 Rebecca Caine

Christine is a young opera singer, and Miss Caine really embodies that in her sound. The acting is impeccable.

Fabulous, snarky and beautiful, very strong Christine

Her voice is so hauntingly beautiful, and I love how she gives Christine's voice a darker edge. I love her control, and cadenza at the end of Think of Me. The only flaw is that she sounds a bit too operatic to play Christine who is supposed to be a young light lyric soprano. Nonetheless, she is a nearly flawless Christine, and her voice really is angelic. - Anon

The only recording I will listen to is the original Canadian cast, they are flawless. Rebecca is the most impressive Christine, her version of think of me is brilliant.

16 Sandra Joseph

Fantastic voice and presence

17 Sarah Lawrence

She doesn't play Christine, she is Christine when she is on stage. She fully understands her part and bring it to such light. Her voice is stunning and captures everybody who see's her.

Beautiful voice, and lots of chemistry onstage with leading men.

18 Lisa Vroman

Incredibly melodic voice.

To me, Vroman did a superior job at delivering the emotion, appeal, character, and style of Christine. Her particularly lovely voice was able to deliver the range of notes with clarity and volume, we could hear the vocals distinctly. To me, she's #1

Her growth from a quiet young girl to a woman who makes her own decisions is beautifully done, and she maintains a beautiful singing voice, correct for the role, the entire performance.

If I were an audience member watching one of the of operas within the show, I wouldn't want a refund if Christine, as played by Lisa Vroman, took over the role from Carlotta. Her Christine makes it more believable that she would rival the diva of the opera house.

19 Ana Marina

Ana Marina brought both a magnificent vocal range and brilliant acting skills to the role.

Sierra Boggess without a doubt!

20 Sofia Escobar

Great voice!

Amazing! Beautiful interpretation and understanding of the character!

Wonderful performance. Best Christine ever

Horrible voice! But here acting is amazing.

21 Celinde Schoenmaker

Celinde is one to look out for! She is very new to the show but I think she may go on to be one of the best Christine's of all time! Her voice is not much different from Sierra Boggess, but her acting is even better. She is utterly gorgeous as well. I saw Harriet Jones last year, who was amazing, but Celinde totally blew me away!

Celinde is the best Christine in my opinion! I saw her in March, and she was outstanding, not only on stage but her personality is so sweet and she is so humble. She is also so beautiful! And she seems so natural with her acting and how the character would react to events.

I love Celinde. Her voice and acting are amazing. Seen the show twice now. Mindblowing, perfect, spot on, performances, and she keeps on getting better and better! Fully believe that this quirky little beauty will be joining the top of this list very soon.

Absolutely wonderful, Celinde is definitely one to watch, my favourite Christine by far, though I can't help but feel she looks a little young, in fact all the dancer girls do in the current cast, they all look about 15! So it was a little cringey to watch the more 'sensual' scenes with that in mind but otherwise I can't wait to see her again (in the same role) which is something I've never thought about a performance before.

22 Kaley Ann Voorhees

Last night, I had the privilege of seeing and hearing Kaley Ann Voorhees, for the very first time. An outstanding actress, with an utterly beautiful voice, Kaley Ann Voorhees shares the stage with very lovely, talented, wonderful actors, singers, dancers, and she still stands out, shines. She gave a perfect performance. She is such a remarkable talent, so very gifted. I am very much looking forward to seeing and hearing Kaley Ann Voorhees again.

Beatiful voice. Amazing performance. Best Christine.

Just saw her now that she is principal on Broadway. Totally awesome. The only christine that might rival her is Sara Brightman herself.

Best Christine ever. Nothing left to say

23 Beth Southard
24 Claire Lyon

We just saw Claire take on the role of Christine during the Dubai tonight. Brilliant performance!

She's tiny but she packs a large voice! Her Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again is amazing and powerful. Really enjoyed watching her during her world tour!

She has a really good voice. So sad she's not performing in this role after 2015 Jan in Hong Kong

25 Robyn North
26 Kimilee Bryant

Her voice seems effortlessly beautiful and powerful. Very emotional and wonderful performer

27 Kelly Mathieson

Facial expressions was those of someone who believed the part they ployed was real. Saw her yesterday on the front row and she took my breath away.

So beautiful and powerful voice. And she give Christine so much imotions on stage

The first scot to play Christine Daae and she really delivers. Would love to see her play Fantine as well. An incredible voice and her acting is absolutely captivating, especially her chemistry with Ben Lewis and Tim Howar, it's amazingly wonderfully brilliant stuff.

Definitely the best I’ve ever seen.

28 Samantha Hill

A very charming Christine! Young-looking, very vibrant and wonderful Samantha on stage! I fell in love the moment she appeared on stage!

Awesome Christine! First one that I saw and always the best for me!

Truly amazing voice with so much charisma!

She is truly amazing! I love her " Think of me"

29 Patti Cohenour

I mean, she WAS Hal Prince's first choice...
She was originally cast in the role, before ALW came in and said Sarah had to do it or he would pull the show.
Her tone is pure and effortless-sounding.
Her ACTING is incredible and SO comes through in the recordings she is on (including bootlegs of POTO).
She was the first "American" Christine and in my opinion, was robbed by being made alternate. She deserved the role. And she deserved the Tony. Had she been the principal Christine, there is no doubt she would have at least have been nominated, if not won the Tony (as opposed to Joanna Gleason).

The bootlegs I have heard of her have been stunning. Could you imagine if she had been recorded with the same quality as Brightman? Or anyone else within the last 10 years?! She's the best.

30 Claire Moore

Outstanding performance

Undoubtedly the very best Christine ever. Her voice is beautiful from start to finish, her version of Think of Me is exquisite.

A truly underrated performer. She has played so many iconic roles, and all with total brilliance. Although I would say there are others who can perhaps claim to be better singing wise for this role, as an acting performance Claire Moore is right at the very top of the tree. Her performance was gorgeous, subtle, enchanting and emotive.

She has a beautiful cadenza

31 Ali Ewoldt

I love her interpretation of wishing you here again

Just saw Phantom in NYC. Ali is amazing. She also some Philipino ancestry; gives her a lovely and unique look. She is a wonderful actress also. If you live in or near NYC, go see her. You will not be sorry!

32 Elizabeth Loyacano
33 Rebecca Pitcher

I saw her in Tampa and she was just wonderful

She was my first so I have to say she was "legend wait for it dary legendary "

34 Amy Manford

A marvellous understudy who's up for a nomination this year. She really is a great Christine and definitely fills her shoes. The only let-down is that awful wig they get her to wear. The company should just let the Christines use their natural hair, especially performers who are blonde, as Christine is blonde in the book.

Amazing singer shes AMAZING

35 Rebecca Luker

The most clear voice in this role.

36 Mary D'Arcy
37 Marina Prior

She was my first Christine and is still an amazing singer in whichever show she is appearing.

Best Christine I've seen is Marina Prior. As with Sarah B, although she had been in musicals beforehand, it was really Phantom that launched her career in a big way.

She is brilliant,brilliant and what can I say brilliant. My daughter even goes to her primary school and marina was a principal for the day

38 Leila Benn Harris

I don’t necessarily think she is the only vocally talented or the most refined actress of the many who have played this character (there are too many equally worthy contenders), but she appeals to me the most because there is something about her portrayal that is so in line with my interpretation of the character from Gaston Leroux’s novel. There is a light, airy, dreamlike quality to her voice that also allows a delicate yet significant display of pure sentiment. It really feels that the beautiful music makes her soul (and her voice! ) soar like the lyrics go. This lets her play a childlike Christine of sweet fragility during the earlier musical numbers but also let the character grow and ripen as the story advances. By the time "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" is on, Leila manages to reveal a different Christine of strength and fervor that has been escalating throughout the show, desperate at the confusion the Phantom induces in her; is he alluring or terrifying? ...more

39 Meredith Braun
40 Joke de Kruijf

She and sierra are my favorite. She is amazing.

41 Karen Culliver

Over 600 performances. She brought warmth and humor to the role, and with Mark Jacobi's "Phantom" and Hugh Pinero's "Raul" comprised one-third of a very dynamic romantic triangle.

42 Susan Cuthbert
43 Myrra Malmberg
44 Celia Graham

She is a Christine! She did do quite well.

45 Amy Jo Arrington

The best Christine ever! Love her!

46 Grace Morgan
47 Susanna Foster

Beautiful young woman with singing voice of angel in love with two men as her heroes and feel some connection to the phantom

48 Katy Treharne
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