Best Christine in Phantom of the Opera

Who’s voice is the most impressive out of all the Christine's on Broadway?

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21 Beth Southard
22 Celinde Schoenmaker

Celinde is one to look out for! She is very new to the show but I think she may go on to be one of the best Christine's of all time! Her voice is not much different from Sierra Boggess, but her acting is even better. She is utterly gorgeous as well. I saw Harriet Jones last year, who was amazing, but Celinde totally blew me away!

Celinde is the best Christine in my opinion! I saw her in March, and she was outstanding, not only on stage but her personality is so sweet and she is so humble. She is also so beautiful! And she seems so natural with her acting and how the character would react to events.

I love Celinde. Her voice and acting are amazing. Seen the show twice now. Mindblowing, perfect, spot on, performances, and she keeps on getting better and better! Fully believe that this quirky little beauty will be joining the top of this list very soon.

Absolutely amazing. My favourite Christine by far. So beautiful and stunning.

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23 Sandra Joseph

Fantastic voice and presence

24 Claire Lyon

She's tiny but she packs a large voice! Her Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again is amazing and powerful. Really enjoyed watching her during her world tour!

She has a really good voice. So sad she's not performing in this role after 2015 Jan in Hong Kong

25 Robyn North
26 Kimilee Bryant

Her voice seems effortlessly beautiful and powerful. Very emotional and wonderful performer

27 Patti Cohenour

I mean, she WAS Hal Prince's first choice...
She was originally cast in the role, before ALW came in and said Sarah had to do it or he would pull the show.
Her tone is pure and effortless-sounding.
Her ACTING is incredible and SO comes through in the recordings she is on (including bootlegs of POTO).
She was the first "American" Christine and in my opinion, was robbed by being made alternate. She deserved the role. And she deserved the Tony. Had she been the principal Christine, there is no doubt she would have at least have been nominated, if not won the Tony (as opposed to Joanna Gleason).

The bootlegs I have heard of her have been stunning. Could you imagine if she had been recorded with the same quality as Brightman? Or anyone else within the last 10 years?! She's the best.

28 Elizabeth Loyacano
29 Rebecca Pitcher

She was my first so I have to say she was "legend wait for it dary legendary "

30 Claire Moore

A truly underrated performer. She has played so many iconic roles, and all with total brilliance. Although I would say there are others who can perhaps claim to be better singing wise for this role, as an acting performance Claire Moore is right at the very top of the tree. Her performance was gorgeous, subtle, enchanting and emotive.

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31 Mary D'Arcy
32 Marina Prior

She was my first Christine and is still an amazing singer in whichever show she is appearing.

Best Christine I've seen is Marina Prior. As with Sarah B, although she had been in musicals beforehand, it was really Phantom that launched her career in a big way.

She is brilliant,brilliant and what can I say brilliant. My daughter even goes to her primary school and marina was a principal for the day

33 Rebecca Luker
34 Leila Benn Harris

I don’t necessarily think she is the only vocally talented or the most refined actress of the many who have played this character (there are too many equally worthy contenders), but she appeals to me the most because there is something about her portrayal that is so in line with my interpretation of the character from Gaston Leroux’s novel. There is a light, airy, dreamlike quality to her voice that also allows a delicate yet significant display of pure sentiment. It really feels that the beautiful music makes her soul (and her voice! ) soar like the lyrics go. This lets her play a childlike Christine of sweet fragility during the earlier musical numbers but also let the character grow and ripen as the story advances. By the time "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" is on, Leila manages to reveal a different Christine of strength and fervor that has been escalating throughout the show, desperate at the confusion the Phantom induces in her; is he alluring or terrifying? ...more

35 Meredith Braun
36 Karen Culliver

Over 600 performances. She brought warmth and humor to the role, and with Mark Jacobi's "Phantom" and Hugh Pinero's "Raul" comprised one-third of a very dynamic romantic triangle.

37 Susan Cuthbert
38 Joke de Kruijf

She and sierra are my favorite. She is amazing.

39 Myrra Malmberg
40 Celia Graham

She is a Christine! She did do quite well.

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