Best Christmas Gifts of 2010

With the holidays quickly approaching, lets take some time to figure out what gifts will be best to send and receive this year. Make sure the thing you want makes it to the top of the list because you never know who may see it.

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1 iPod Touch

Youtube, games, facebook, music, I LUV my Ipod! Most of the Applications are free and the songs are about a dollar and it's getting cheaper now that it's a year old. I strongly recommend it to any who's in need of a new music player. - booklover1

My how far things have come from the first MP3 players. This little beast includes FaceTime so you can do video calling with others, an HD video recorder, amazing gaming for such a small package, an eye-popping 960x640 screen,... and lest we forget, it plays music too.

I love my ipod touch and it was the absolute best gift I ever got. I use it at least 4 or 5 times a day. you can listen to music, play games, check the weather, go on google, and almost anything. LOVE IT!

The iPod touch is clearly the best hand held device ever created, if you don't have one get it! Who wouldn't want this masterpiece? - Madladdad

2 Call of Duty: Black Ops

lol I'm actually getting this for chritstmas my mum told me to get it today (Dec 5) but I said no it would ruin the christmas spirit and the anticipation of this game - roblist

Is there any reason to believe this game wont be absolutely amazing? Honestly, if it came out at $100, wouldn't you still get it?

call of black ops ow yay this going to be so freaking awesome all of the stores are going to be backed

did you see the demo on e3 amazing graphics this games is gonna kick moderen warfare 2 ass

3 PlayStation 3

If you get this system by 2011, you will be flooded with great titles like little big planet 2, portal 2, twisted metal, Batman: Arkham city, resistance 3, and uncharted 3. And not to mention the already strong library of games for this system. A must have for gamers everywhere.

Everywhere store that sells video games that you go to, you will see that there are no ps3 cheap bins anywhere. But BOY are there a lot of XBOX 360 cheap bins. Why? PS3 is better. Plus Blu-Ray isn't on Xbox. - BKAllmighty

Ipod touch? That is just a fad. No one will care about touchscreen in a little while. Everyone is gonna go right back to the consoles. Hey, when's ONLIVE comin out?

I bought it out of my own money (ALL my money) and it's AMAZING!!! Plus Blu Ray! - booklover1

4 iPhone 4

Almost everything you could possibly want in a phone today. And look on the bright side, even if a certain carrier lets you down, at the very worst you have an iPod Touch which isn't a terrible thing.

5 Amazon Kindle

Super lightweight, a display that is perfect for its purpose, the ability to browse the web, and a price that is a fraction of the cost of an iPad. After getting a Kindle, you may never buy another book on paper again.

I have one. Perfect for reading. A must get for readers. Wait, I'm not reviewing it, sorry. But I was so happy that year, and they are so easy to use and you can adjust the font size, type of font, line spacing... Oh, Kindles are awesome...

I love books and I love book readers EVEN MORE!

6 iPad

pretty sweet device. Loads of features, easy to read anything, or use the internet. It's the ultimate electronic gizmo. - BKAllmighty

7 Xbox Kinect

Ask the people who tried it out as E3 and they will tell you that this is the next generation of gaming. You still get the power of the Xbox and the ability to play all the same games you currently play using the conventional controller, but now you can also get up off the couch and have a truly interactive experience.

omg I pre ordered it I am dying of exitement
its coming to my house nov 4 and I will stay
up all night playing it!

This is what made 2010 an amazing year! ITS SO COOL! - theTwister

its better than a wii. no controllers just fun

8 Donkey Kong Country Returns
9 Toy Story 3
10 Inception

The Contenders

11 Xbox Slim
12 Playstation Move

Get the paradigm shifting functionality of the Wii with the most advanced gaming console on the market.

The Playstation Move is simply the best gaming innovation in 2010.

13 DROID 2

Doesn't have all the polish of the iPhone, but as far as power, it can't be topped. The learning curve is steeper, but this phone will pretty much do everything, including connect to a superior wireless carrier.

I would rather have this than anything else on the list. I wouldve chose the ipod touch but then I saw this - foxrocks

14 iTunes Gift Card

Gift cards may seem like a cop out, but how else are you going to make sure you get someone exactly what they want?

Man, I SO want one of these now. I only got 33 songs so a $25 gift card would be a great gift. - booklover1

15 Nintendo DSi XL Red Bundle with Mario Kart
16 AK-47

A revolver and a nine - raakatz

17 Love

That is the biggest gift you could have - MatrixGuy

18 Guitar

I have a guitar such a great thing

19 Shop-Vac

Another WTH gift that becomes one of the best under the tree - especially if the person you are giving it to has kids or pets. There are so many times my Shop-Vac has saved my from crawling around on my hands and knees cleaning up overturned plants, broken glass, big liquid spills, cat litter, etc. Plus it's far easier and more effective than routine sweeping.

20 Vehicle Jump Starter

Certainly not a very sexy gift, but if you have to use it, it will become one of the best gifts you have ever received. Car batteries never seem to die at a good time. This little lifesaver will get you up and running so you don't have to spend time (probably in the cold) waiting for someone to come get you or trying to find a stranger who will help you out.

21 Trampoline
22 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

You can do ANYTHING in this game! 11 - kevinzhang02

23 World of Warcraft
24 Halo Reach
25 F1: 2010

The best racing game I've ever experienced. Nothing compares! - Tobzz

26 Gran Turismo 5

way better than call of duty because shooting games are stupid - carrac111

27 Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
28 The Marshall Mathers LP
30 Doggystyle
31 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
32 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
33 Dodge Ram
34 Saints Row 2
35 Tha Carter III
36 Now 77
37 Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny DVD
38 Gift Card
39 Tennis Bracelet

Christmas is always about jewelry - brothers2222

40 Tech Deck Collectors Series Retro
41 Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare
42 Shrek Forever After
43 Titanic
44 The Pursuit of Happyness
45 Chicken N Beer
46 Halo 3
47 Tha Doggfather
48 The Chronic
49 Eazy-Duz-It
50 Lethal Injection
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