The 12 Day's of Reviewmas: Day 2: Christmas Eve and Other Stories by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

christangrant Welcome to day 2 of The 12 days of Reviewmas in this post i will be reviewing an album i have been wanting to listen to and talk about for a long time because their is a a lot to say about this album and this band which i'll go over the history of this band and this album so get's on to it then.

For those who don't know Trans-Siberian Orchestra was a side projects from the members of the metal band Savatage (great band BTW check them out) but anyway after they made an album called Dead Winter Dead which contained Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) they then decided to explore the idea of combing Christmas music and Metal together and thus Trans-Siberian Orchestra was born, so now let's get on to the history of this album.

Christmas Eve and Other Stories is the debut album by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, This album is their first album in their Christmas Trilogy because they would later make two more Christmas themed albums.
The story is about a young man who wanders into a bar on Christmas Eve where he encounters a mysterious old man who tells him a tale about the magical effect of Christmas Day on the human race. The album takes familiar classical pieces and adds to them new songs and arrangements from both classic and progressive rock influences for which the group is known. The album also contains a mix of vocal and instrumental songs. The song Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) is the exact same recording that was on the Dead Winter Dead album by Savatage and because it was on this album that song got even more popular to the point where now it can still be heard to this day in public or on Tv around Christmas time. The album was released on October 15th, 1996.

So after all that let's get on to the album, also i'm going track by Track and i am also counting Bonus Tracks.

Track 1: An Angel Came Down

A beautiful song to start the album off the vocals are nice, the piano is done very well here and of course the guitars, drums and bass are done perfectly, Overall a great song to start the album off with.
Rating 10/10

Track 2: "O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night

Now here is an awesome version of this classic Christmas song on the last review Twisted Sister did turn Christmas classics into Rock/Metal songs however Trans-Siberian Orchestra were the first to combine Metal with Christmas music and this is a very well done Instrumental track it is absolutely flawless and it showcases the amount of talent these guys have which they have a lot.
Rating 10/10

Track 3: A Star to Follow

Here we have another excellent track where once again TSO shows I really like the vocals here they are like if a choir of kids and adults were singing Christmas songs and this song is once again flawless, It seems that this album might just be the best album i will review in this series.
Rating 10/10

Track 4: First Snow

Now we have another great instrumental TSO is very good at doing these and this song is no exception the combo of metal and Christmas music is done perfectly once again and once again another flawless song on this album.
Rating 10/10

Track 5: The Silent Nutcracker

Once again another flawless instrumental a perfect acoustic guitar version of the Nutcracker not much else to say but man this album is showing such great talent.
Rating 10/10

Track 6: A Mad Russian's Christmas

If you thought the last track was amazing just wait until you hear this a acoustic guitar version of the nutcracker is good but what if told you that this song is a metal version of the Nutcracker, yes this is the Nutcracker gone metal and this song is flawless and is without a doubt one of the best songs TSO has ever made i highly recommend this song to anyone who wants to hear songs from TSO.
Rating 10/10

Track 7: The Prince of Peace

This song is a very good rock opera song with beautiful vocals the piano is done very well here but i don't have much too say so let's move on.

Track 8: Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)

Oh my this song is 100% perfection now and you have probably heard this song from the album you may you haven't heard this song but you that metal version of Carol of the Bell? well this is that song and this in my opinion is the best version of Carol of the Bells in fact not only the best version of Carol of the Bells but also my all time favorite Christmas song i always enjoy hering this song because it's an epic and awesome song and not only do i think it is the best Christmas song but also the best Instrumental song of all time yes even beating out many classic instrumentals such as Orion by Metallica and YYZ by Rush and this is also one of my favorite songs of all time it's a masterpiece and the best part it's the best song for two bands, yes it's my favorite song from Savatage and it's also my favorite song from Trans-Siberian Orchestra if you were to listen to just one song off this album pick this one you won't regret it and if you have already heard this masterpiece listen to it again because it's a timeless classic that will never be forgotten.
Rating 10/10

Track 9: Good King Joy

It will be very hard to top the last song but none of the other songs will beat that one so anyway this is a great song once again with great vocals and great instrumentation, Overall a flawless metal version of this classic Christmas song.
Rating 10/10

Track 10: Ornament

Here's another great song where once again it's a flawless song i don't have much else too say so let's move on.
Rating 10/10

Track 11: The First Noel

a nice short acoustic instrumental it serves it's purpose well so moving on.
Rating 10/10

Track 12: Old City Bar

The last track was a nice intro to this great song which is once again a flawless track from this possibly flawless album man TSO is such a great band if you ever get the chance to seem live if i were you i would take that offer hey are a great band probably the best band to listen to for metalhead's during Christmas time. This song has a very good message to it as well something a Christmas song would do.
Rating 10/10

Track 13: Promises to Keep

Ah another beautiful song with a choir i love these songs because they fit Christmas so well and this one is no exception not much else to say so moving one.

Track 14: This Christmas Day

This album sure does have alot of songs but what makes this album even more impressive is that all the songs are pretty much flawless and all are great songs to listen to this one included so yes another great song with great vocals and great instrumentation.
Rating 10/10

Track 15: An Angel Returned

This is the last song on the normal version of this album but since i'm including 4 bonus tracks this won't be the last for me but anyway this song is a great way to end this flawless album it's a wonderful song where everything is done perfectly the vocals and the instrumentation and the solo is just wonderful and this album has such a great story.
Rating 10/10

Bonus Track 1: O Holy Night

It's a nice instrumental song but i don't have much else to say so moving on.
Rating 10/10

Bonus Track 2: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Once again another great instrumental track but again i don't have much to say.
Rating 10/10

Bonus Track 3: Whoville Medley

So this song was used in Jim Carrey's version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and this is a great song in my opinion this is the best of the 3 bonus tracks. (there are 4 but however that track was put on the next album.)

This album is so good i don't even need to add up the track ratings because all of them are 10/10 which means this album is 100% perfect i highly recommend you check this masterpiece album out you won't be disappointing and to me this is the best Christmas album of all time and the best album from this series.

Album Rating: 100/100

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I so much agree with this review and your album rating! A true masterpiece! - Metal_Treasure