The 12 Day's of Reviewmas: Day 3: Wintersun by Wintersun

christangrant Welcome to day 3 of the Twelve Days of Reviewmas in this post i won't be talking about a Christmas themed album however the album cover (Which is one of my all time favorites) features basically Christmas Tree's so that's why i decided to review this album during this series also to keep some variety anyway on to the album Information.

Wintersun is the 2004 self-titled debut studio album by Wintersun, Back then it was the solo project of Jari Mäenpää. The style presented is somewhat of a departure from the more folk metal -oriented sound of Ensiferum, of which Mäenpää was previously a member. Instead, Wintersun explores power metal, melodic death metal, and symphonic black metal sensibilities. The album artwork was done by Kristian Wåhlin the same guy who made the album cover for Emperor's In the Nightshade Eclipse and both of these album covers are absolute masterpieces both covers are in my top 10 favorite album covers. The album was released on September 13th, 2004 through Nuclear Blast records. I also must mention that since this album is 8 tracks long and most of the tracks are long my comments for each song will be longer than usual so anyway on to the tracks.

Track 1: Beyond the Dark Sun

Here's the shortest song on the album the only song that is below 3 Minutes and i must say the instrumentals in this song are just wonderful every thing is done right, the Guitar riffs, the drums the bass, it's a nice combo of Power Metal, Melodic Death Metal, and Symphonic Black Metal which goes for the rest of the songs from this album it's also really fast paced which helps it a lot and the vocals are done very well so overall this is a very strong start for this album and i'm thinking since the next songs are longer that this album will be great if not perfect.

Track 2: Winter Madness

Once again this song is a great combo of the genres i previously mentioned but i must say i'm not a big fan of Black Metal however i do like Symphonic Black Metal and this album is a perfect example of why, Regular Black Metal for me sounds way too simular once you have heard Mayhem's first studio album you have pretty heard the best from regular Black Metal excluding Bathory because every Bathory album is great but other than those albums i don't see the appeal for Black Metal but i do see the appeal for Symphonic Black Metal but i''m getting way off topic but anyway this song just like the last one where every instrument is done perfectly and the vocals are good here too.
Rating 10/10

Track 3: Sleeping Stars

This track starts in a different way from the previous 2 songs it starts off much slower and stays that way and then the amazing guitar riffs kick in and what you hear is amazing Symphonic Power Metal vocals mixed with Black Metal singing and it's beautiful i love Symphonic Power Metal and this song is that combined with Symphonic Black Metal and thus we have another great song on this album although i must say this song is very epic and that's a good thing so far this is my favorite song from this album.
Rating 10/10

Track 4: Battle Against Time

The first 3 songs weren't above 6 minutes but now we are on to the 7 + minute songs and this song i just like the other ones very strong instrumental and very good vocals overall another perfect song from this album however i prefer the other 3 songs over this one i also must mention for a 7 minute song it sure didn't feel like 7 minutes and that's one reason i like speed in music and not a lot of repetition.
Rating 10/10

Track 5: Death and the Healing

Ah what a beautiful song this is this song showcases more of the Power Metal elements of this album and i love this it sounds like pure 100% which is what this album is anyway once again everything is done right here and the vocals are clean vocals here and i must say they are very good this singer is very good because he can sing in both clean and growl vocals i prefer clean vocals over growls and once again the instrumental is flawless and perfect. So far out of all the songs this one has been my favorite.
Rating 10/10

Track 6: Starchild

This song is split into five different sections just like a Progressive Rock/Metal song would be however unlike those two genres this song isn't 10 or more minutes long but this song is only about 8 minutes and this song is not Progressive Rock or Metal but is the same style as the other songs on this album. Anyway this is my favorite song on this album because it has so much complexity and amazing instrumentation in just 8 minutes which is wonderful it's amazing to listen to this song it's the perfect combo of Power Metal Melo-Death Metal and Symphonic Black Metal this song is sure to be a great listen, but the whole album is a great listen.
Rating 10/10

Track 7: Beautiful Death

I just realized that all the songs get longer as each track progresses the first song was about 3 minuets and then the next one was 5 minutes then after another 5 minute song is a 7 minute song after two 7 minute songs then a 8 minute song and the last track the one after this one is 10 minutes long, but again i'm getting off topic so anyway this song is once again a perfect song from this album it's starts off with an onslaught but slows down as it progresses.
Rating 10/10

Track 8: Sadness and Hate

Now here is the longest song on this album and its once again another great song however for me this i would put this track last on my list of the best songs from this album but it's still amazing just like this whole album is.
Rating 10/10

Once again i don't even need to add up the scores because all the songs are perfect 10/10's this album isn't Christmas themed but it is a must listen for any metal fan or fan of music in general it's such a creative and artistic album and the album cover fits the album well because they both masterpieces.

Album Rating: 100/100

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Ah...Christan, seems you are reviewing some of my most favorite albums! Love this one, and agree with your review. - Metal_Treasure