The Twelve Days of Reviewmas: Day 10: Night Castle by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

christangrant Welcome to day 10 of the Twelve Days of Reviewmas, in today's post i will be reviewing a 2 disc album that is over 2 hours long. What i am talking about is Night Castle by Trans-Siberian Orchestra it was released on October 28th 2009. There is alot to get through so i will have to make the info short anyway on to the tracks. i'm also am only going to talk about certain tracks because this album while you can listen too it would be much more helpful if you read the 64 page booklet that came with it. Today i'm not doing track by track because the album so long that it would just be a pain to do it and i would rather talk about certain tracks i what i thought of the album as a whole. thought i should mention if you want to see what i think about all the tracks i'll post a link to my remix so you can what i would rate the tracks also i'm sorry if this is a bit of a letdown but knowing my experience with another album that was over 2 hours long (The Astonishing by Dream Theater) i didn't want to overwhelm myself again with so much music.

Here is my remix:

Also here is the link to the story if you want to read it.:

Album Rating: 98/100

This album is very good i really like the metal versions of In the Hall of the Mountain King (The Mountain), Toccata (Toccata - Carpimus Noctem) and the Nutcracker (Nutrocker) in fact most of the Instrumentals of this album are amazing and the best songs from the album. i also like the song Believe because the message it has and it's also a great remake of the Savatage song this album isn't perfect but it is very good so is There Was a Life and Epiphany because they are both wonderful tracks even if they are really long. The album may be very long but it is very good album and i recommend it.

Album Ranking Chart:

1. Christmas Eve and Other Stories
2. Wintersun
3. Beethoven's Last Night
4. The Lost Christmas Eve
5. Night Castle
6. We Wish You a Metal Xmas
7. Twisted Christmas
8 I Am Santa Claus
9. A Twisted Christmas
10. The Christmas Attic
11 The BB Xmas Album
12. Elvis Xmas album

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