The Twelve Days of Reviewmas: Day 11: Halford III: Winter Songs by Halford

christangrant Welcome to day 11 of The Twelve Days of Reviewmas in today's post i will be reviewing Halford III: Winter Songs. For those that don't know Halford was a solo project band of Rob Halford yes the Rob Halford from Judas Priest. He recorded 2 albums before this one but this is different from those other 2 because this one are Metal versions of Christmas songs. It was released on November 3rd, 2009 in The USA. Now lets get on to the album.

Track 1: Get Into the Spirit.

A good way to start off the album it showcases that Rob Halford has a lot vocal talent even in 2009. The vocals here you tell he has aged but he has aged well and he still sounds good on this album. The riffs are really good too it's a good way to get you hooked into this album.
Rating 10/10

Track 2: We Three Kings

Here is the best song from this album it's a great cover of this song and of course what makes it so good are Rob Halfords perfect vocals it's very hard to find a singer as good as Halford he truly is one of the best singers of all time. The guitar work here is magnificent.
Rating 10/10

Track 3: Oh Come, O Come, Emanuel

Another great cover on this album where once again the guitar work is done very well and of course Halford does a good vocal performance.
Rating 10/10

Track 4: Winter Song

Here is a sorta title track and id say it's deserving of being a sorta title track. Its a much slower song than the previous however though Rob Halford does an excellent job once again and makes this song really good.
Rating 10/10

Track 5: What Child is This?

A great version of this song. The vocals once again are perfection.
Rating 10/10

Track 6: Christmas for Everyone.

This song is alright but its not perfect. The song is a bit too repetitive
Rating 8/10

Track 7: I Don't Care

Here is the weakest song from this album it sounds like a weak song on a Hard Rock album. It's not bad though.
Rating 8/10

Track 8: Light of the World

Actually this is the weakest song its a slow song but it isn't as good as the other ones.
Rating 8/10

Track 9: O Holy Night

After the 3 weak songs on the album we get the 2nd best song from the album where once again the vocals are perfection.
Rating 10/10

Track 10: Come All Ye Faithful

This Carol has sure been in a lot of these albums and all of them are great versions this one here is no exception.
Rating 10/10

This album is very good while not the best album from this series out of all the albums on this series this one possesses the best vocals out of all them.I recommend this album for any fan of Judas Priest or Rob Halford fan.

Album Rating 94/100

Album Chart

1. Christmas Eve and Other Stories
2. Wintersun
3. Beethoven's Last Night
4. The Lost Christmas Eve
5. Night Castle
6. We Wish You a Metal Xmas
7. Twisted Christmas
8 I Am Santa Claus
9. A Twisted Christmas
10. The Christmas Attic
11. Halford III: Winter Songs
12 The BB Xmas Album
13. Elvis Xmas album

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We Three Kings is my favorite, I listen to it even when it isn't Xmas. Great metal arrangement with great vocals, drumming and guitar riffs. - Metal_Treasure