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61 I Believe In Father Christmas

This is the most well put together song ever! The orchestral background is fabulous. It reminds us that we get what we deserve...sort like you reap what you sow! We should all stop and think about what we put out there and not complain when we get nothing in return!

A cynical but realistic outlook on what Christmas has become, and an awesome song overall.

62 Believe - Jackie Evancho

Jackie wonderfully captures the Christmas spirit in this uplifting tune.

A great interpretation, one of my favorites.

Celebrates how kids feel about Christmas.

Seriously, this should be in the Top 20, at the very least. - BobG

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63 I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas - Gayle Peevey

This song is so cute! And it gets stuck in your head real quick - cheyeanne

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64 You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Thurl Ravenscroft

Literally the only Christmas song I truly love, such a classic!

The original and by far the best version of this song.

65 The Little Drummer Boy

Gotta give Angela Martin some credit, because this is a bangin classic!

66 Cookies for Santa - Buckethead
67 Driving Home for Christmas - Chris Rea

I only first heard this song last year around the beginning of December and I instantly loved it. An underrated classic. - BKAllmighty

This song is really nice. Especially when I'm driving home from work on Christmas Eve, knowing you've broke up from work.

The greatest song! Great guitar and great piano - lukestheman4

Poor Chris has been driving home for Christmas since 1988. Will he ever get there?
Joking aside, I love this song, love the vocals and the whole concept of it. It's heartwarming. - Britgirl

68 Nutcracker Suite

Man the song Sugar Plum Fairy Nutcracker Suite always gave me the creeps, It sends chills up my spine I associate it with Christmas creepiness and horror more than jolly fun lol

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69 Do You Hear What I Hear? - Bing Crosby

Great Song sung by a Great Man!

70 Joy To the World - Nat King Cole
71 Beautiful December - The Garrison Forest School Chamber Choir
72 A Mad Russian's Christmas - Trans Siberian Orchestra
73 Walking In the Air - Jackie Evancho

Jackie's haunting rendition will become a Christmas season favourite for years to come.. check out a breathtakingly wonderful NASA video on YouTube done to Jackie's version..

An otherworldly listening experience.

Check out the YouTube version.

It won't be remembered in 20 years time.

74 Christmas In Hollywood - Hollywood Undead
75 Here Comes Santa Claus

This one is great! 84? Nowhere NEAR its supposed to be.

Oh I would rather listen to nails on a blackboard than this song. Truly vile.

76 Christmas Waltz - Jackie Evancho

On the bonus CD from the special edition of Awakening.

77 The First Noel - Jackie Evancho

Anything this woman sings is pure bliss.

78 Silver Bells

Holy crap as I'm typing now this song is placed 82nd. I mean yeah, it's not the most well known Christmas song but it has been song by legends such as Bing Crosby and Dean Martin, and it using only audio creates the beautiful atmosphere of Christmas, silver bells, the smiles, the 'feeling of Christmas in the air'. Top 20 seems more accurate for such a good song

Can't believe Silver Bells is so low on this list. Silver Bells is 1 of the songs that best captures the essence of Christmas.

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79 Christmas Convoy - Paul Brandt

It's based around an old rockabilly song from C. W McCall called Convoy

80 Ding Dong Merrily On High - Jackie Evancho

Jackie's music is becoming a holiday tradition.

Just simply a joy to listen to.

Even tops the version by Julie Andrews many years ago.

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