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1 Johnny B. Goode



I was making sure that Johnny B. Goode Was number one!

We all know this is it. The song is timeless, it's as popular now as it was when it first came out. The first 5 seconds alone are legendary... - Uzzy

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2 Maybellene

The start of rock, a gem, but Chuck had so many gems, one fab man of the 50's

This should be number one, this song started rock 'n' roll

3 Roll Over Beethoven

I could listen to the guitar intro on this song a 1000 times. I think it is as good or better than Johnny B. Goode.

4 Sweet Little Sixteen
5 Rock and Roll Music

Rest in peace, Mr. Berry. - PetSounds

6 School Days
7 You Never Can Tell

I love the story, the guitars, and the energetic barroom piano. God bless Pulp Fiction for bringing attention to this classic, the obvious highlight on St. Louis to Liverpool and one of the best rock & roll songs of all time, in my opinion.

Always liked it more than Johnny B. Goode. - zxm

8 No Particular Place to Go
9 Too Much Monkey Business
10 Carol

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11 Brown Eyed Handsome Man

Could be about me

12 Reelin' and Rockin'
13 Route 66

Awesome cover by Chuck Berry. Can't believe it's not on here! I knew this before most of his others.

14 Promised Land

This is much much too low on this list. I can't help but smile all the way through. I love it. - Britgirl

15 Down Bound Train
16 Around and Around
17 You Can't Catch Me
18 Havana Moon
19 My Ding-A-ling

Why is Johnny B. Goode so over-rated? - Feirceraven

20 Back In the U.S.A.
21 Little Queenie
22 Wee Wee Hours
23 House of Blue Lights
24 Memphis, Tennessee
25 Almost Grown
26 I've Changed
27 I Want to Be Your Driver
28 Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller
29 Johnny B. Goode

It Is The best song escpecelly wehn he pkas the gutiar

30 C'est La Vie
31 Bye Bye Johnny
32 Thirty Days
33 Nadine
34 Run Rudolph Run

How can you forget this awesome Chuck Berry's song?

35 Come On
36 Dear Dad

Incredible song with superb lyrics. Not many covers of this song probably because it is a difficult song to sing

37 Let It Rock

This song has one of Berry's longest and most enjoyable instrumental sequences, spanning most of the song. It utilizes breakdown, giving both the pianist and saxophonist a turn soloing, and yet as always, the real gem of this song is Berry's guitar riffs. He moves with ease from one to another so well that you begin to wonder if the song is ever going to end, and you don't care if it doesn't. I can't believe this song is so unknown, it beats out masterpieces like Johnny B Goode and Roll Over Beethoven with ease. Listen to a live version of this song, Berry's live recordings are always the best.

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1. Maybellene
2. Too Much Monkey Business
3. Around and Around
1. Maybellene
2. Johnny B. Goode
3. Sweet Little Sixteen
1. School Days
2. Roll Over Beethoven
3. Sweet Little Sixteen

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