Song Legends {Episode 7} - Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)

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"Johnny B. Goode" Chuck Berry's 11th single from 1958.

The lyrics kinda sound like one of the stories old people like to say on repeat. "When I was young I knew this boy called Johnny and he couldn't read or write too well but boy could he play the guitar" -y'know that sort of thing. I like the lyrics but they're kinda simplistic and one of the "back in the good old day" sounding lyrics. I'm not sure if either of those are bad things but I really couldn't care less about the lyrics to this song because this is all about the guitar. I'll rate it 9 because the lyrics are classic.

Oh boy I would kill to play the guitar like him. It's so fast and skillful you have to listen carefully to fully appreciate the talent taken to play what he played in this song. Everything about the guitar in this song is just... incredible. Honestly I'd rate it above all the heavy metal shredding type things you get even if it takes more talent. For what he lacked in vocals he made up for with the guitar. Such a great guitarist.

He was a good singer but he didn't have that edge to his singing voice like Elvis Presley did which I would like. Honestly I prefer Marty McFly's vocals in Back To The Future but after all, he was the one who inspired Chuck Berry (just kidding). Although I feel he's got a slightly weak voice he could definitely carry a song well and I can't fault him too much. He's very good at singing lots of syllables quickly, I'll definitely give him that.

It's a simple verse, chorus song but it's short and snappy so it doesn't matter. It's got one of the best intros to a song I know and an amazing guitar. That's kinda for the instruments section but I need to write something here. Anyways I can't fault it so it's a 10.

This song is a classic and widely considered one of the best rock 'n' roll songs. It's been covered by many famous artists such as Judas Priest and hit the top 10 as well.

My Opinion:
The same as the majority. It is a timeless piece of music.

That's 57/60 leaving it second, beating Night Enchanted by placing on the Best Songs list. I'd love to B. as Goode as him at guitar (see what I did there).


Great job - Skullkid755