Best Chucky / Child's Play Movies

Do you agree with my list? There are 5 Chucky/Childs' Play movies that I have put in order of my personal best. Feel free to edit it to your decision and get a wide range of everyone's views.

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1 Child's Play 2

Child's play 2 is the best movie in the Chucky franchise, Chucky is at his best in this movie, and the scene where he kills the school teacher with a ruler is timeless.

Child's Play 2 is the best! Never mess with Chucky! I think it was a good idea for them to make a sequel. This has to be the best film in the series.

Both 1 and 2 are great but 2 is by far the best, it made me a believer in horror movie sequels.

Child's Play 2 is the best Chucky movie ever! the scenario, kills and musics are awesome and Chucky is so cool! - MaxiThresher2

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2 Child's Play

The ending of this movie was really scary

Give me the power that I beg of you

That's how Chucky was first made - kristina381980


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3 Bride of Chucky

Best child's play movie ever! And Chucky has the best look in this movie! Great story just a should have put down a little on the humor. Like that Swedish meatball and cookie fight was unnecessary, But overall definitively the best.

Chucky in child's play 123 he looked to be honest cute but in bride of chucky he's scary the best one

This is the scariest chucky movie by far just the way he looks is chilling

The best in the hole damn series its scary disturbing and gross

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4 Child's Play 3

This one is way better than bride of chucky because chucky throws a damn bomb

The best one and this is were he is really pissed off

This one was awesome better than bride of chucky

The best child play movie ever

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5 Curse of Chucky

Cool jump scares that's what makes it good and super awesome ending

I only got to see half but chucky is awesome tell me what happened next like what the @$#(()=#

I think that it was right to make another sequel. what made it a good film was how they took out most of the comedy & made it just like the Origanal films. I hope they make a part 7 so then we can see what happens to Alice.

Nica didn't deserve to be in the wheelchair. BUT she threw insults at Chucky HARD(insert swear word here)CORE, that's for sure. - Nica_Pierce

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6 Seed of Chucky

I think is a good film because it had a mix of comedy and made me laugh. Better then the bride of chucky. The destines of the the chucky family looked much better then bride of chucky

Good film, but first chucky movie is best and always best. Really bring Andy back. I love Tiffany's design in this, better than bride... She looks plastic but in bride, she rubber?

This is the best chucky by far it's like bride of chucky but better

A good chucky movie better than bride of chucky

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7 Cult of Chucky

This is the real Chucky 7 it comes out this year. - JSpice50

Nice thanks for the info

This movies is awesome - Sabbath

Favorite one.

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8 Chucky vs Leprechaun

Ah yes my favorite

This hasn't been a movie...yet

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