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1 Strawberry Cream

Delicious (Dee-lish-ous) - Carly19781


Strawberry and Cream is so delicious I can never get enough of them but Cola is good too. Chupa Chups is the greatest lollypop makers and they create the best flavours ever. GO STRAWBERRY AND CREAM!

The best

2 Cola

Tastes just like Coke in real life

Cola flavour is just like Coca Cola in real life! It is sweet, delicious and refreshing. Who doesn't like Cola flavour IT IS AMAZING!

This is the most awesome flavour I have ever tasted in my life. I think it definitely should be in the number 1 spot.

I think cola is the best flavour as it tastes like real life cola

3 Vanilla Chocolate

It is the best

Delicious snek

It's so nice (: the chocolate is great and so is the vanilla because its sweet and creamy! Truly delicious and could eat them all day!

Awesomest flavour ever. It melts in your mouth and just tastes like angels just appear inside your mouth its has so much mouth watering goodness in it, it can't be beaten by other crap flavours such as mango and cherry flavors, Watermelon too!

4 Watermelon

Watermelon is the best flavour


Amazinggg. Love Watermelon flavoured chupa chups! I have tried some other lollipops which are watermelon favour but they just taste like soap...

Strawberry and Cream, Cola and Vanilla Chocolate have one thing that Watermelon does have and that is refreshment. Those three are all sweet but what happens when you get tired of sweetness? You go to WATERMELON!

5 Raspberry

When I take the wrapper off, I am delighted to see the pretty colour! It reminds me of wading in the water. So refreshing! "

Nice but not as good as strawberry

Abit like strawberry but I just like this flavour more than any other one. Very refreshing and a very enjoyable taste. Vote for this one

6 Strawberry

The best flavour better than lemonade(matthew)

It is a little sweet but it is tons more refreshing then the other flavours. The only other flavour that comes close to this one is Watermelon.

It's lush! So much flavour! My ultimate fave!

How is Strawberry number 6?! It's deserves number 1 FOR SURE

7 Grape

Grape is’nt a real flavour. - Carly19781

Grape is so nice when you don't want something to sweet I like cola and grape they are so nice I wonder what they would taste like together!

Yum! Yum! Grape makes my belly explode in a good way I love it so much chupa chups is the best lolly pop ever who made them is awesome! Xxx

I love anything that is grape flavour

8 Mango

Awesome, hard to find though

9 Apple

Ya me joderia no comer este

Apple gives you a burst of flavour that just makes you want another 1

I thought I didn't like Chupa Chups until I tried the Apple flavor. Yum

I love them they are the yummiest lollies but I can never get them anywhere!

10 Orange

Orange is the big daddy flavor when it comes to Chupa Chups

Orange is very yummy it tastes like real oranges!

Never can find an Orange chumpa chump


The Newcomers

? Caramel

It taste amazing! it's very sweet

The Contenders

11 Banana and Chocolate

So creamy, so delicious and it's an alternative to the other fruity flavours like strawberry or watermelon.

What this should be # 1 you all suck crap chups

Cause it's a conspiracy the shop chicks are stealing all the choc banana

Why can't I ever find banna and chocolate lolly? I love chupa chups!

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12 Cherry

I just love cherry its just got this amazing flavour!

Why the hell is Cherry in 14th place?!
If I could only eat one item for the rest of my life it'd be Cherry Chupa Chups... Or probably just the artificial Cherry flavouring syrup.

CHERRY for the win it is the effing best flavour of chuppa chup woot

13 Vanilla and Cream
14 Cookies and Cream

So creamy and delicious, yum!

15 Pudding

Love the sweet flavor! (it is just like I am eating pudding! )

16 Passionfruit Fizzy

I love this one its fizzy and sour and the passion fruit has a nice zing taste to it

I think its great

17 Pineapple
18 Lemon and Lime

So delicious! The perfect mixture of sweet and sour, making it taste almost like lemonade!

So refreshing a delicious! Tastes like a mohito!

Refreshing and yummsss...

19 Lemonade

Og flavours are better than others

Love it sooo much

Sooo refreshing

20 Black Hole

Its sounds like a bumhole

Black whole is the best it's so yummy it makes yummy yum yum yummy yum yum

21 Lemon Tutti Frutti
22 Ramune

So refreshing but ras
is the best

Fruity and refreshing!

23 Cocoa-Vanilla

Yum The Cream

''So Yummy Only Found This 3 Times but Wow The Flavour Is Gorgeous''
''Bought It With Strawberry Cream And Raspberry Vanilla and Just Vanilla''
''I Think It Tastes Horrible''
''It Is Just Like Vanilla Frosting + Hot Chocolate Together''

24 Mandarin

Sharp but sweet, so perfectly balacnced!

25 Blue Sour Raspberry

The best so sour but totally hard to find I only found this flavour twice. lemon and passion fizzy are nice too.but that ras got got me hangin! :D

26 Popcorn (Toffee)
27 Juicy Orange
28 Chocolate

Not that yummy

29 Blue Raspberry Cream

I think people should vote for blue raspberry cream because I have had the flavor blue raspberry from dum dums it taste sooo! good please anyone vote for this one down below go to!

30 Matcha Latte

Love love matcha <3

31 Big Apple
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