Top Ten Best Cincinnati Bengals

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1 Anthony Munoz, OT

Best offensive lineman ever, and only Bengals Hall of Famer

Sorry Ocho Cinco, gotta go with Munoz. - mikebucsfan2

Probably the beat OT of all time

Awesome player

2 Chad Johnson, WR Chad Johnson, WR Chad Johnson, formerly Chad Ochocinco, is a former American football wide receiver. He played college football for Santa Monica College and Oregon State University, and played eleven seasons in the National Football League for the Cincinnati Bengals, New England Patriots, and the Miami Dolphins.

this guy will have wrote the Bengals record book when he's done playing

3 Boomer Esiason, QB
4 A. J. Green, WR A. J. Green, WR Adriel Jeremiah "A. J." Green is an American football wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League.

#5!? He deserves to be #1 - lionsforlife

Anyone that says he should be #1 check your facts Chad Johnson was the old better AJ Green but AJ green deserves the three spot

5 Andy Dalton, QB Andy Dalton, QB Andrew Gregory Dalton is an American football quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals of the National Football League.
6 Corey Dillon, RB
7 Willie Anderson, OT
8 Peter Warrick, WR

Not a good choice, I'm sure many Bengals fans have no idea who he is, there are so many better players than him.

9 Carson Palmer, QB Carson Palmer, QB Carson Hilton Palmer is a former American football quarterback in the National Football League. He played for the Cincinnati Bengals, Oakland Raiders, and Arizona Cardinals.

Palmer truly won the Super Bowl in 05 but Pittsburgh cheated with a cheap shot.

this guy will eventually be the best, but he's only played 4 years

10 Tim Krumrie, DL

The Contenders

11 Dre Kirkpatrick,CB
12 David Fulcher, S
13 Tyler Eifert, TE
14 Rudi Johnson, RB

this guy owns most of the Bengals rushing records

15 Ken Anderson, QB
16 Ickey Woods, RB
17 Ken Riley, CB

65 interceptions, 14 seasons, the 4 players ahead of him all in HOF, 5th most of all time, not to mention all with the bengals

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1. A. J. Green, WR
2. Chad Johnson, WR
3. Andy Dalton, QB
1. A. J. Green, WR
2. Andy Dalton, QB
3. Anthony Munoz, OT
1. Anthony Munoz, OT
2. A. J. Green, WR
3. Boomer Esiason, QB

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