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One of the best bands to come out of the hair band era. Tom Keifer is a great musician, can play lead and rhythm guitars, piano, sax, steel name it! This band sold a ton of albums, had a ton of airplay for their videos, but they really brought it live also. After years of vocal trouble, lead singer Tom Keifer has never sounded better live and really sounded great on their 2011 tour.

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1 Nobody's Fool - Night Songs Nobody's Fool - Night Songs

Rock'n song that full of emotion and power. One of my personal top 10 songs of all time. Simply rock and roll at its best.

The ultimate Glam Metal power ballad. This song just gives me shivers... One of the best metal songs ever

Was a great breakout song for them I was junior in High school when I heard it. Great song great memories.

Heheh tom KEIFER he's wonderful

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2 Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) - Long Cold Winter Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone) - Long Cold Winter

I never listened to Cinderella until now. I've always been a Brian Johnson AC/DC fan and when I came across this song it sounded like a melodic version of Brian Johnson. I got to say that this band is very talented. Tom Keifers voice in this song is unbelievable but what's even more impressive is his non-falsetto voice. It's similar to Bon Jovi. As a singer myself for over 25 years I can really appreciate what Tom Keifer has overcome. He's smart to take on country music because Heartbreak Station gave us a glimpse. I never ever thought I'd say this but this band and this particular song are both great. Good luck Tom.

I listened to this song along time ago, I liked it then, but I love it now. To me it is one of the best songs ever written, by anybody. Before or since. It has a lot of power in it's arrangements and lyrics. Brilliantly performed and a voice that can't be duplicated by no one, Tom Kiefer is in a class that other singers could only wish for. Michael Greene

Very great song reminds when to highschool in Puerto Rico

I absolutely love this makes me feel a lot of sensations...I nevet get tired of listening to it

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3 Heartbreak Station - Heartbreak Station Heartbreak Station - Heartbreak Station

As a teenager I grew up with the powerful tunes from cinderella. On one hand they could rock the room, and on the other hand they could sing the songs that could touch the heart. Thank you for all the Cinderella for being a part of my life.J. pounds Atlanta, Ga.

This was a song that I was learning on acoustic to sing to my girlfriend as a surprise. We were both big rock fans of the 80s, Cinderella being one of our favorites.
We had made plans to see Tom and his band at busters in Lexington Ky. On his solo tour.
She found out she had terminal cancer and I lost her less than 5 months later.
I didn't get the song down completely before then but she loved it anyway.
I will never listen to this again without a smile and great thoughts of a great girl!

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4 Coming Home - Long Cold Winter Coming Home - Long Cold Winter

A straight forward rocker with excellent guitar, vocals and song writing.

Simply a great rock song regardless of when it was released. Back to basics.

This is a great song. It is so well written and features the range of Tom Keifer's voice. Awesome melody and all around musicianship. Love it!

Love them played in a band from 84 till 98, they were an inspiration to me

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5 Shelter Me - Heartbreak Station Shelter Me - Heartbreak Station

This song (actually titled Shelter Me) should be #2 and I think if it was released today it would be a huge hit. This song and "Don't Know What You Got" got me listening to Cinderella/Tom Keifer for the first time just this past month. It reminds me of a cross between The Black Crowes, Rolling Stones and Guns n Roses. I'm real impressed that Cinderella took a risk with this song with the sax. It's perfect for this song and an example of why Cinderella shouldn't be lumped into the pile of average hair bands. I'm a big metal fan but also listen to R&B. Tom Keifers amazing vocals in this song, fronting a catchy, rock/blues/metal type rhythm, in my opinion makes this one of the most unique songs I've ever heard.

Just came across this Cinderella song. Great melody and arrangement. Excellent vocals. Should be top 3!

Should be higher; amazing slide and vibe

Perfect in every sense. true rock power, discernible blues sounds, beautiful sax and great lyrics.

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6 Shake Me - Night Songs Shake Me - Night Songs

This song needs to be in the top ten, this song was the first Cinderella song I listened to and I love it! I heard it on the house of hair, great show...

Shake me should be in the top 5. This was the first Cinderella song I've ever heard, the music video is kick ass and seeing it live is even better.

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7 Gypsy Road - Long Cold Winter Gypsy Road - Long Cold Winter

Great opening riff. This one gets your blood boiling

Kick ass song, awesome riff. no doubt greatest cinderella song

Saw Devil City Angels perform this live. awesome! Anyone reading this you gotta check out devil city angels

Love Love Love this song! So ROCKING!

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8 Somebody Save Me - Night Songs Somebody Save Me - Night Songs

Great songs, very catchy, great hook and lyrics that everyone can relate too!

Not bad from a band from Philly.

I wish he'd save me

Kick ass love the clip from 91 in philli

9 Bad Seamstress Blues / Fallin Apart at the Seams - Long Cold Winter Bad Seamstress Blues / Fallin Apart at the Seams - Long Cold Winter

Great bluesy start and then this songs just heats up into a smoking rocker!

Simply put, one of the five best rock song's of all time!

10 More Things Change More Things Change

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11 Night Songs - Night Songs Night Songs - Night Songs

From the slow build in the beginning this song is a classic!

Great song

12 Push, Push - Night Songs Push, Push - Night Songs

One of those songs that sticks in your head, very catchy, fun, and it rocks!

13 Through the Rain - Still Climbing Through the Rain - Still Climbing

Sometime sometime through the rain

14 Hard to Find the Words - Still Climbing Hard to Find the Words - Still Climbing
15 Nothin' for Nothin' - Night Songs Nothin' for Nothin' - Night Songs

Very catchy, full of attitude, straight out rocker.

16 Take Me Back - Long Cold Winter Take Me Back - Long Cold Winter

With a lyric like "I was raised by my daddy's hand, my mama taught me how to pray", this one sticks in your head as a rocker that came from the heart!

17 The Last Mile The Last Mile

Not my favorite, but definitely in the Top 10. The fact that it is not even on the list is blasphemy!

18 Bad Attitude Shuffle - Still Climbing Bad Attitude Shuffle - Still Climbing
19 Hell On Wheels - Night Songs Hell On Wheels - Night Songs
20 Hot and Bothered - Still Climbing Hot and Bothered - Still Climbing
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