Best Cities In Arkansas


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1 Fayetteville

College town with plenty of night life, very low crime rate. Affordable living, southern hospitality, liberal as it gets south of the mason Dixon. Overall very nice place to live. By far the best in Arkansas

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2 Little Rock
3 Fort Smith
4 Jonesboro
5 Texarkana
6 Springdale
7 Pine Bluff

Pine Bluff? Please, look like hurricane Katrina hit that place, high crime, closing business. A bunch of buildings that should be condemned. I used to live in Pine Bluff and I hated it. The only thing good I can say about it is the people are down to earth, and some really good people that lives there

They should demolish downtown but the city is broke no $ No jobs but a Walmart Very nice people

8 Hot Springs
9 North Little Rock
10 Rogers

Live in Maumelle but still love Rogers, should be #1

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11 Bentonville
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