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1 Shanghai Shanghai

IT looks great! And it is developing very fast!

I have lived in Shanghai for years, and I also involved in a frequent business trip in different cities in China. I like Shanghai, it is modern, fashionable with open culture.

I studied there before. Transportation is convenient. I meet both locals and foreigners. Amazing tourist spots, including The Bund and Pearl Oriental Tower. Every Shanghai visitor must have mixture of Western food and Chinese food in their diets. Also it's a major economic city of China. Overall, wonderful experience.

1. Shanghai
2. Hong Kong
3. Bejing
4. Guangzhou
5. Chongqing
6. Shenzhen
7. Tianjin
8. Dongguan
9. Foshan
10. Macau

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2 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia.

Hong Kong S.A.R. was a british colony, and had been separated from mainland China for 99 years, and has totally different sets of laws, resources, and culture from mainland. Even now, the "one country, two systems" policy remains.

Let's put it this way, HK people are allowed to use facebook, google, and do not get censored. The government is a lot less corrupted, people are way more disciplined, educated, hygienic, and open minded than those in mainland China. There is even a special organisation ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) working effectively to investigate and stop corruption. There is way more freedom in Hong Kong than in any other place in mainland China, people have the rights to protest and speak for what they believe in. Incidents that happen in mainland China do not happen in HK, such as police beating up hawking children and protesters being "committed suicide" (as in the government claiming the individual's cause of death was ...more

The only good thing in Hong Kong is that I can at least access any google linked website and watch youtube. Mainland cities in China is nothing compared to Hong Kong because of the Western Society and Freedom of speech. Hong Kong is by far better than any city in South East Asia

The most civilized city

I would LOVE to visit here 1 day!

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3 Beijing Beijing

Indigenous people in Beijing are humorous, easy going, responsible and generous. Also, many of them are highly educated.

The food in Beijing are also very delicious. Like Beijing duck and soybean milk. They are not weird at all. All of them are the most normal food, like chicken, flour, beef, etc.

Beijing is a great city with a rich cultural heritage and long history. In my eyes, Beijing is absolutely the best city in China.

Yes Beijing rocks! Don't listen to other people saying that China is gruesome. It is our own tradition and other racist people can't say anything about it.

I've been to Beijing and it is awesome! I've walked on the Great Wall and it is in Beijing and it is fun! This should've been number one

Beijing is really beautiful.

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4 Wuhan

Citizens here are really kind
They have the best food in the whole world

The best flavored food here of the whole world

Kind and hospitable people!

I love Wuhan!

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5 Tianjin

I like the city. there are the best food in China


6 Guangzhou

Very good city, nice people, amazing sights.

The third biggest cities. Unique southern culture.

It has a nice name.

Best city in china. Beijin and Shanghai great not because the people live there, is other force

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7 Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the most energy city in China

Why this city not listed in top 3? I'm completely surprised.

Shenzhen is the most prosperous, energetic and progressive city in China

The biggest city without pollution,with strong potentials to become a technology centre,young,still has a lot of space to improve.

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8 Shenyang

I think only Chinese people are voting here

Where I born and lived.

9 Chongqing

So many pretty girl in Chongqing

So many clever and handsome boys

10 Macau

Great for visiting and living plus it is full of energy...

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? Ningbo

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11 Nanjing

City clean and people are warmly - august

Love this city the people are friendly, The stores are grand, and there's just so much history

1939 Nanjing Massacre makes me vote for this. I feel sorry for the victim of 1938 Nanjing Massacre. - 50

I love the farmlands and plains of Nanjing. It's not as polluted and I love the noncity parts.

12 Hangzhou

I guarantee you it's the the most beautiful city in China. Clean and tidy city, polite and warm people.


13 Xi'an

This is the most ancient city in China, the best for sure.

I want to know more about Xian mbbs college in China

14 Nanchang

Awesome for its historical stories. Very beautiful city and has been developing fast.

15 Chengdu

Chengdu should definitely be number 1. A beautiful place to visit. A lot of cute pandas, rich history, great food. Most importantly, lots of pretty girls, lol. Highly recommend to visit this city

Beautiful city gorgeous histories

Great history and entertainment

Great city with greatest food.

16 Harbin
17 Changchun
18 Dalian

This is the most beautiful all the cities in China. Adrive along the Eastern shoue has the beautiful life size and larger than life size art in the world.

19 Guilin
20 Xiamen

I'm from Xiamen. I was born in Xiamen.

21 Qingdao
22 Nanning
23 Suzhou
24 Urumqi

The best multicultural city in China!

Urumqi is v nice place of china. Very traditional city.peoples are very lovely style.and the climate also so nice.

25 Changsha

I love this city the people and atmosphere is incredible, people are friendly and helpful, I will recommend you to visit this wonderful city

26 Hohhot
27 Jilin City
28 Turpan
29 Fangchenggang
30 Wenzhou
31 Xining
32 Kunming

Best city in china!

33 Fuzhou

Not a bad city and it has effective pollution control. - 50

34 Chizhou
35 Lhasa
36 Zhuhai
37 Jinan
38 Yinchuan
39 Haikou
40 Longyan

Veri human city.

41 Lezhi

Lezhi,best city ever...

42 Yichang
43 Wulumuqi
44 Jinhua
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