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1 Orlando

I have lived in Orlando for all of my life and there is no better place on the planet to live. First of all, you have almost all the theme parks you could imagine like Disney, Universal, and Sea World. Second, although they can get annoying (cough Brazilians cough) tourists pay most of your taxes so you can spend your money on other stuff. And lastly, it is just so beautiful. While all of your northerners are freezing, we get to enjoy the nice, warm weather. Orlando also has pretty decent sports teams too like the Magic, Solar Bears, and the best- Orlando City! So why not Orlando?

Orlando is an amazing city and there is so much to do there!

Orlando not a good place to live. The Disney Company because of their size, dictates the overall wage for the geographical area. And because the Disney Company is big tourist dollars, the Local Newpaper wont highlight big important stories. If you read the New York Post "" that is a Newspaper with a backbone.

Ya got Disney, Universal, Old town, Busch gardens, aquatic, Orlando eye, just everything on I-drive, Amway center, a cruise port, and GOOD prices houses like I'm talking about a 5 bed 4 bathroom home in Orlando for like 300K. You just can't beat. In New York City (where I'm from) you have to pay a good 4M for a 3bd home and 800K for a STUDIO APT. Then you got AMAZING colleges here n Orlando, like UCF, it's a 4 year college with the biggest college campus in the NATION yeah in the NATION and tuition oh don't worry only about 6K and compare that to UCLA or UA or Howard. And don't forget that there college is like 25 minutes from Disney, Universal etc. Then the great weather, Diverse people, and sometimes good drivers (ok mabe never) Orlando is a great city.

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2 Miami

It is going to be the #1 city in the world soon when the tallest building is built there called Miapolis in 2017

I wanna go there

A LOT of beaches

Anywhere in S. Fl (Palm Bch, Broward, and Dade) is the best part of Fl. you get a mixture of both the city life and suburbs life

3 Tampa

Tampa is growing much to fast It use to be a nice quiet town but now northern people are trying to make it a little New York and changing the culture. I miss the way it use to be. They are taking our jobs as well! I know we have to progress but it is moving to swiftly.

Tampa 's full of drugs and the rich people here bring it in. they conspire behind closed doors to keep minorities down most people that run tampa aren't from tampa and they tryin ti make it like the racist states they are from just us. If you know what I mean.

Tampa used to be a good city with God neighborhood with friendly people. Now, it's run by ghettos and people are turning this city into like New York City! If you want a safe place in Tampa. Head out to Northern,southern, or east away from the city. Rural Tampa is the best! - InfernoTopTenners

A nice place good beach and a growing city with a future

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4 Jacksonville

Jacksonville is amazing, I have lived here for a while.

I live here so... - N64Dude

Been there. I like Jacksonville

I live here. - LordDovahkiin

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5 St. Augustine

Surf fishing best in the world at the rocks

A great place to live, we will never move.

I wouldn't mind living in St. Augustine.

It is the oldest currently homed city
In the usa

6 Key West

Key west sucks

Best. Place.

Key west is the best!
(hey you know that rhymes? key west is the best? wow.)

7 Fort Lauderdale

I live here! I love the beaches and there are a LOT of boating canals! I just kinda miss where I used to live, although this isn't my first time living in Fort Lauderdale. - RockFashionista

I wish I had been to this city! It is very pretty and I would want to go on a cruise if I got there, with my family! - buzzerbeater

I live in fort lauderdale. I love it, its beutiful downtown, tue beach its just prety I love it.

And don’t forget the school shooting in Parkland like 10 miles away from here!

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8 St. Petersburg
9 Daytona Beach

Daytona going through a revival now. Prices going up. Buisnesses opening up up and down a1a. Now u can't have alcohol on beach so the drunk sprin nreak kids are gone. Much more family friendly now. July 2018

10 Clearwater

Best beach - plus small area of shops and places to eat - diverse area for all ages - young to old!

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11 Tarpon Springs

I almost thought it said Tampon Springs

We love living in Tarpon Springs. It's a beautiful quiet community that offers lots of variety from the Gulf to our Brooker Creek Preserve and Tarpon Lake. Also easy access to other areas.

12 Fort Myers
13 Pensacola

I love Pensacola because of the historical atmosphere in the downtown area. It has some seasons (albeit not all four- but more than just constant summer) and the ambiance reminds me of Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA. It has a growing downtown nightlife and the pace is just right- not too fast, but not Mayberry either. The beaches are just gorgeous as well.

Florida is known for beaches, and Pensacola has the most beautiful in the state! Just head to Pensacola beach in gulf islands national seashore and you will be stunned on how white the sand is! It’s like sugar but soft and shiny! The water is almost emerald in coloration and the water is clear! If you head to crab island, you will see very clear water. In Pensacola, you can spot dolphins from the beach and alligators in a pond! Way less tourisy than Miami and Orlando.

14 Melbourne Beach

This city has the most stunning beaches without a crowd.

Yes this list finally has it. I love this city

I. Going on vacation

15 Tallahassee

It's the states capital!

16 Port St. Lucie

A nice, coastal, medium-sized town halfway between Orlando and Miami with great golfing!

I live there - BrickBoss

17 Deerfield Beach
18 Gainesville
19 Treasure Island

I think this is A Great city! Good job offers, Nice houses, And right near the Ocean. I've been planning my dream house for awhile now... And I think I might have found it in Treasure Island, So that's why I think people should vote for Treasure Island
- I wonder why people have not already put Treasure Island on here!

20 Sarasota

Outstanding city with lots to do and a great down town area.

Good City.

21 Lakeland
22 Sausalito
23 Naples

You mean nipples

24 Plant City

Quite and lots of PLANTS! That's why it's called PLANT City!

25 Destin
26 Panama City
27 Ocoee
28 Altamonte Springs

My grandma lives there. Don't say you hate my sweet old grandma...

29 Mount Dora
30 Venice
31 Port Charlotte
32 Citra
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