Best Cities In Georgia


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1 Atlanta

So much to do here!

2 Savannah

Everybody who is always saying Ga is a racist state, what parts of it have you seen? Visit the southern part near savannah. I lived here for almost 8 years and never ever delt with and racism. I dated a black boy for four years. Where I'm from, nobody cares. Your happy, there happy. - bugyboo16

I live there lol

I live in Savannah. It's a beautiful 18th C. town where the streets are lined with oaks draped in Spanish moss. It's also reputed to be the most haunted town in America. (by the way, Columbus sucks balls. How is it #2? ) - Blue_Devereaux

3 Athens
4 Columbus
5 Macon

I move here from Seattle Washington I had to move back home.. Macon is so Racist.. I could not believe people from the south are so dumb

Racist at some point like most cities but it's my home and I love her!

6 Gainesville
7 Hinesville

What! Hinesville has nothing fun and the education is horrible this is the worst city

8 Valdosta

Wild Adventures is arguably the best theme park in Georgia

9 Dalton
10 Rome

The Contenders

11 Tbilisi Tbilisi

To whoever added this, this list is about the STATE
not country - TopT3ns

12 Augusta
13 Hazlehurst

A small town but great people with big hearts! Love it down here in the south!

14 Tybee Island

Cute island right off of Savannah. Love it!

15 Ellenwood

Ellenwood is an affordable area close to metro. Great schools, neighbors and still convenient to downtown. - Phil98

16 Abbeville
17 Austell
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