Best Cities In Japan


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1 Tokyo

I am a Japanese and love Tokyo

2 Kyoto
3 Yokohama
4 Sapporo


5 Hakodate
6 Hiroshima

A city with an excellent and moving museum about the atomic bombing in WWII, a nice garden, and delicious okonomiyaki.

7 Sendai
8 Takayama

A historic town with a famous festival held twice a year.

9 Osaka

It's like Tokyo except less populated, and Tokyo is WAY too overpopulated! - booklover1

10 Nikko

A historic city with many World Heritage Sites, as well as a lot of fascinating natural wonders.

The Contenders

11 Kobe
12 Takamatsu
13 Kanazawa

A city with a famous garden, art museum, and geisha quarters.

14 Akita
15 Fukuoka
16 Okayama

A city near and dear to my heart

A beautiful city home to one of Japan's top 3 gardens (Korakuen Garden), the scenic and historic Kibi Plains, the nations largest Naked Man Festival, and many interesting areas in addition to great fruit and food.

17 Kawasaki
18 Nagasaki

A truly historic city, not only because of its significance in WWII, but even prior to that Nagasaki's position as the only port open to foreigners has given it a very rich history and unique atmosphere.

19 Saitama

Bonsai Capital of the World and home to one of Japan's best Railway Museums.

20 Kochi

Birthplace of Sakamoto Ryoma, one of Japan's most famous and beloved samurai and revolutionaries. Kochi Castle, an original, Godaisan, and Katsurahama Beach are all scenic areas. They are one of the only places in Japan that continues the tradition of dog fighting. Kochi is also serves the best katsuo no tataki.

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