Best Cities to Live In the Philippines


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1 Iloilo City

The most livable City to live in The Philippines

Iloilo is a competent city in the Philippines and in the world.

Iloilo river-the cleanest urban river in the philippines.


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2 Bacolod City

Simple, elegant, clean, progressive, charming city...

The most numbered if festivals

3 Lapu-Lapu City

The Historic Resort City is the Best. One of the fastest growing economy in the Philippines. Lapu-lapu City is the best Island City to live. It has a lot of beaches and resorts and there are so many ways to do in Lapu-lapu City.

4 Davao City Davao City

Durian, school, low-crime rate, relax

5 Makati City
6 City of Manila
7 Marikina City
8 Quezon City
9 Naga City
10 Cebu City

World best island

The Contenders

11 Baguio City

The weather is great and the culture is also somewhat unique... It has its foreign atmosphere...

12 Olongapo City
13 Tagaytay City

Not too hot, not too cold, no flood, progressive city, fresh fruits and veggies, near in manila.

14 Lucena City

Rising City of Calabarzon Region

15 Cagayan de Oro
16 Roxas City

Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

17 Ilagan City
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