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21 Taiping

Lots of history in this town with many 1st achievement like the first railway line between Taiping and Port Weld. The Lake Garden is the best in Malaysia and Maxwell's Hill is one of the oldest hill resort un spoiled by too much commercialization. Food is cheap and the cost of living is low.

22 Nilai
23 Sarikei

A very peaceful town in Sarawak. I love Sarawak

24 Karak
25 Raub

Raub is known as 'Gold Town'. The largest gold mines in Malaya (Malaysia) during the British colonial era.

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26 Bahau
27 Port Dickson
28 Kajang

I live here

Proximity to KL. Semi urban. Soon will the southern terminal of the MRT

29 Tanjung Rambutan
30 Kuching

It is rare to find a city in Malaysia that exists in such an easy grace such as Kuching. There are modern buildings overlooking the clean and beautiful Sarawak River with the legendary Mount Santubong as the background. The people are laid-back and friendly both to each other and outsiders. Racism is NOT tolerated here. You can find culture and ethnic in Sarawak Cultural Village and wildlife at Bako National Park not a long journey from the central city. Kuching is also like a garden city. Beautiful trees are planted everywhere. And the food! Kolo mee and Sarawak Laksa are must-haves! What's not to love about Kuching?

Yes, totally agree. a livable, clean, and healthy city of Kuching being awarded by international Organisation.

Kuching is definitely the jewel of Sarawak and East Malaysia, with its recent boom in shopping malls and beautiful greenery, Kuching is full of surprises for those who seek for it. Must visit places includes Damai Beach, Sunday Market, Main Bazaar, Cultural Village, Borneo Highlands, Jong's crocodile and many more.

Kuching have many types of races and culture.I like it

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31 Kulai
32 Alor Setar
33 Rembau
34 Muar V 1 Comment
35 Batu Pahat
36 Kuala Kangsar V 1 Comment
37 Sungai Buloh
38 Pantai Dalam
39 Sibu

Is most best city among the best city in malysia

40 Taman Melawati
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