Top Ten Best Cities In Mexico

The Top Ten

1 Mexico City Mexico City, or the City of Mexico, is the capital of Mexico and the most populous city in North America.

1. Mexico City
2. Monterrey
3. Guadalajara
4. Puebla
5. Acapulco
6. Merida
7. Tijuana
8. Leon
9. Cabo San Lucas
10. Chihuahua

I live there in a part where it is not exactly city, it's suburbs and I love it! It is way safer that the actual city, though kids can't be alone because it is still not that safe.

Yeah, Mexico City has everything the rest of the country has. You want tradition? All of the Catholics of the country flock there to see the Virgin of Guadalupe. You want culture? It's the center of the country, all of the cultures of Mexico are here, and even some leftovers from Spain and the Aztecs. You want history? This was the Aztec capital and the capital of New Spain: Even California and Costa Rica had to call this city the Capital. Architecture? The Aztec ruins, the Spanish Baroque churches, and the Imperial castle. Food? Tacos, tlacoyos, menudo, tortas, atoles, and more tepache than you can shake a stick at. Music? Trios, salsa, merengue, rock, blues, bachata, ranchera, mariachi, corridos, and a massive selection of cumbia. NOWHERE in the world compares to Mexico City.

Not only is it the best city in the country, it is without a doubt one of the best in the world. A cosmopolitan and modern city infused with the unique and diverse traditions and flavors of the different regions of the vast country. Something for everyone in this vast metropolis. A unique milenial culture and history still alive from Aztec times. The perfect mixture of european and mesoamerican traditions. A thriving nightlife and restaurant scene that rivals any other city on earth. The beauty of its people being its most distinct feature. What a place!

2 Guadalajara

For me it's the best because there's so much culture tradition and great food something that has been lost in most Mexico

I love this city the food is amazing and the culture is soothing

The most Mexican city in Mexico, is beautiful!

I am mexican truly and stronqly proud of it straiqht out of jalisco guadalajara and to those who are not mexican they need to know that the traditional mexican culture is from guadalajara viva mexico!

3 Ecatepec De Morelos

So ace but I ain't been so lolo

4 Tijuana

Best border in the world

Jajaja this is fun a desert with 50 degrees climate with a little city where people just live their to cross to the other side makes me laugh why they put this in here

5 Puebla
6 Léon

I'm from here, an we have a lot of diversity, beautiful city too.

The comment below me says everything

Beautiful city with diversity people mostly are Argentine, Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Syrian, and many.

Pretty city like it is Spanish bonito Leon got.

7 Monterrey

Monterrey is one of the most largest and modern cities in Mexico VOTE FOR THIS ONE

Is were I live it is beautiful

Nice mountain scenery! Should be number 1 - Mono

The best

8 Ciudad Juárez
9 Zapopan
10 Mérida

Safe, friendly, plenty of culture.

The best city in the south!

The home of the mayas.

The Contenders

11 Queretaro
12 Nezahualcóyotl
13 Morelia

Its a great place to live and visit its a city were god sleeps.

I wish I could live in Morelia especially in the new area called Altozano very modern houses.

Morelia should be in the top ten it has beautiful colonial buildings,some of the best food in Mexico a lot of tradition very peaceful.Its not called the "Most Spanish City" for nothing.

It's a very beautiful city a lot of Colonial buildings and also has a new modern part,it has one of the best cathedrals in Latin America...iMost Spanish city in Mexico.

14 Zacatecas

All I can say is beautiful horses when there is a cabalgata and coleaderas, and los bailes😍😍💘💘!

15 San Luis Potosi
16 Chihuahua City

The Most beautiful city in Northern Mexico

17 Aguascalientes
18 Xalapa
19 Guanajuato

The historic center of the city has numerous small plazas and colonial-era mansions, churches and civil constructions built using pink or green sandstone. Guanajuato listed is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

20 Chapala

It's really a town but it's great with the lake and all - AnonymousChick

21 Culiacan
22 Acapulco
23 Cancun

Love it here. This place is beautiful

Beautiful resorts and beaches

24 Ensenada
25 San Juan de Los Lagos

Great place and religious pilgrimage to see Virgin San Juanita.

26 Xilitla
27 Durango
28 Guamuchil
29 Zamora

Zamora is a beautiful city with an amazing shopping area, many commercial stores and an amazing cathedral that is a must visit. The plaza, the food served there, the neverias, are all amazing.

30 Pachuca
31 Zihuatanejo
32 Cuernavaca
33 Coahuila
34 Puerto Aventuras
35 Tulum
36 Playa del Carmen
37 Cozumel
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