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21 Saginaw
22 Portage
23 St. Clair Shores

Really awesome city! You can fish, we have the state's 2nd biggest parade, and it's beautiful! But SOME of the schools aren't the best...

24 Farmington Hills

It is so peaceful there. I love it so much. - CQ

25 Birmingham
26 Midland
27 Tawas
28 Elk Rapids

Best place on earth

29 South Haven

Is not at all a bad place to live

30 Rochester
31 Grand Haven

The U.S. Coast Guard City. - Turkeyasylum

32 Holland
33 Livonia
34 Delton

It is very peaceful!

35 Chelsea
36 Edwardsburg

Small but peaceful and no murderers!

37 Milford

Milford is a little, suburban wanna-be neighborhood with an exuberant downtown area, and an amazing suburbs, we have a downtown district with tons of things to do like handmade furniture, knitting clubs, toy shops, like a late 1800's city with amazing people, I live in Stone Hollow, which is an amazing neighborhood, all the real estate here is easy to buy, I have never had an issue at my home, we are also home to the GM Proving Grounds! Woohoo! This goes to show you if the #1 automaker has chose this town, you should too! We also have a village area with old homes in the 1800's, everything in this city screams antique! This is such an amazing community for kids, with great schools, sidewalks, and other kids to play with, Young Adults with amazing condos in-and-out of the city, Adults with big, charming homes fit for big families, or a single person, Most of the old people stick in the village district only because its perfect for their daily exercise, and its right next to downtown ...more

38 Hell
39 Harrison Township
40 Grosse Pointe
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