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21 Ozamiz City

The White stone Capital of the Philippines

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22 El Salvador City

"The Christ City of the Philippines".

The city of our saviour

23 Bayugan City

Known as the City of Hundred Islands. Great place for island hopping. For inquiries, you may visit their municipal tourism officer for the tour of their beautiful islands and white sand beaches. I hope there's no shark though. Book your tickets now and fly directly to Bayugan City airport.

Where the biggest lizard can be found

Bayugan is great place to live

Proud to be bayuganon

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24 Mati City

Mati City is a paradise found in the Southeast. It is the only place in Mindanao with both mountains and beaches are found...those who are thrill-seekers can hop on to their skimboards and surfboards and ride the majestic waves of Dahican, a world renowned surf attraction in the Philippines even visited by enthusiasts like Derek R, Jericho R., and a lot more of these Filipino stars.

If you are a marine life enthusiast, this is the perfect place for whale watching, scuba diving, because of its rich marine life...

You can also find here, the very famous sleeping dinosaur island, a island that looks like a dinosaur, kying down in the ocean, a must see, tourists fromnother places come to Mati, just for this.

TALKING ABOUT BEACHES...oh you would surely love it here. You have wide varieties of sand, black, white, rocky beaches, stony beaches, name it.

So, why wait?

Who am I? I was born here, and I spent more than twenty years living in Mati. Now I'm living ...more

Mati is progressing slowly. It is beautiful and enticing. Mati needs a good public comfort rooms so tourists feel comfortable whenever they need to use one. I was just there last April,2014; my problem was there is no reasonable public toilet. Even in the so called super mall you have to pay to use there toilet. Decent public comfort rooms is a must to welcome tourist.

For me not that I voted mati city because I came from this place, just because our place is blessed with natural resources.there's a big potential that our city would be a great city in the future.amazing!

Mati City has lots of beautiful beaches like Dahican and Badas we have also the amazing Sleeping Dinosaur. When you visit Mati City, it feels like home and your destiny and paradise!

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25 Bislig City

Amazing. So this is the crab capital? Love to tastes Bislig crab. I also want to visit Tinuy-an falls the best natural wonder this city could ever offer.

Bislig is considered as the crab capital of the Philippines. It is surrounded with vast seas thus giving it abundant fresh sea products. Its possibility to become a succesful International sea port is big. It has great tourism locations. It is where the beautiful Tinuy-an falls and the famous International Doll house is located. The economy is gradually growing and with the right leaders, investors, industry, and community this city will trive and become one of the best cities in mimdanao.

Investements are growing.. 2016 will be a great break for Bislig to make proof that it is not a sick man in mindanao. Korean investors are now officially proposed a fired coal power plant at awasian that is somehow expected as one of the solutions of the growing worries ragarding electricity in mindanao.

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26 Cabadbaran City

What is the meaning of this? No one is interested in giving comments? Why?

I love cabadbaran the city of peace

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27 Midsayap

Midsayap is very progressing and it's the centre of trade for nearby towns (PALMA Alliance). First Notre Dame in Asia is located in Midsayap and it's one of the best accountancy school in Mindanao and in the Philippines I would say.

It's a first class municipality and hope soon it will become a City.

Midsayap is home of one of the private protestant colleges in Mindanao - the SOUTHERN Christian COLLEGE. A college that advocates and promotes TRI-PEOPLE COMMUNITY and these are Christians, Moros and Indigenous Peoples. Midsayap is truly the place of diverse people and the commercial center of the 1st District of North Cotabato.

Midsayap is not a city! But, if you are there, it feels like you are in a city. A small town with the friendliest people that you see everyday. You see same faces during the Holy Mass every Sunday. Fun to wake up early and join the same people jogging in highways and streets. With its very famous HALAD festival that is now considered to be one of the bests and at par with those big festives of Kadayawan, Sinulog, and Dinagyang (as differentiated by the DOT - Dept of Tourism), Midsayap is really one heck of a tiny city-like place!

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28 Tacurong

City of Goodwill.

Capital of Sultan Kudarat province. Is it safe here? Sorry for my ignorance.

Nice place tobe

29 San Francisco City, Agusan del Sur
30 Panabo City

Panabo City Not just rely on its Industrial Economic also on its agricultural aspects.

I'm a canadian man, 64 years old and I want retirement at Panabo city..

It's a growing city. Still a lot of room for progress. Investments and economical dawning. I was born in Panabo it undergoed its rise from a province to a city. It has its riches just need to be developed.

I'm German 46 years old

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31 Gingoog City

A very clean city in mindanao. And now one of the fast growing city in the region.

A city of fast growing coconut and banana trees.

A city of fast growing. A city of coconut land.

Peaceful city and clean and green city

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32 Oroquieta City

You can never find any cities in Mindanao better than this one.. Peacefull, cheap foods, peoples attitude are excellent, no crimes, weather is excellent year through, Sunday organic market is the best day of the week since all organicly farmed foods and all seafoods flock into one street as place for trading. Nothing can beat the Oroquieta city cleanliness as it was and is always the winner for the cleanest river in the entire Philippines and the cleanest and greenest city..

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33 Tangub City

The Christmas Symbol Capital of the Philippines

34 Monkayo

Monkayo is the booming municipality of Compostela Valley Province that the town is an emerging growth center in terms of numbers of commercials and largest populations the province. Primarily an agricultural production area, it gradually becomes a minor growth center of the Province in terms of raw materials for mineral and agricultural resources.

The most progressive town in Compostela and maybe the whole Mindanao..

The Future City of Compostela Valley that very rich in Gold...which called the Gold Capital of the Philippines. There is also a lot of business establishments investing in the Municipality, because of growing population and popular tourism attractions like Awao Falls, the Mt. Diwata and many more.

35 Dapitan

Very peaceful. Go 'Shrine City of the Philippines'!

Shrine City of the Philippines

I like this city.. Since it was a place where Jose P Rizal lived as an exile and leaving some of the historical sites.. To add with it.. It's a place where Dakak park and Beach resort belong.. Clean and peaceful city..

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36 Bongao City, Tawi-Tawi

Bud Bongao is so iconic overlooking this city

37 Marihatag
38 M'lang

M'lang is not a city, itsa first class municipality in North Cotabato. The town won several times as the cleanest and greenest municipality/city in the region.

39 San Jose, Dinagat Islands

The mystical island province of Dinagat.

It is not a city and a new province in the Philippines, but people here are very respecful. This town has so many project.

40 Claver City, Surigao del Norte

The Iron municipality of the Philippines. Home to big mining activities in the entire Surigao provinces

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