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1 Portland Portland Portland is the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon and the seat of Multnomah County. It is a major port in the Willamette Valley region of the Pacific Northwest, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

Great city for biking and dogs - Ajkloth

Portland has A lot to see and great restrants

2 Independence
3 Medford

Medford is an average sized scenic town that should be higher on the list, although I wouldn't recommend certain neighbor hoods

4 Monmouth
5 Bend
6 Ashland
7 Astoria
8 Newport
9 Coos Bay
10 Aurora

The Contenders

11 Florence
12 Dexter
13 Brookings
14 Eugene

Born and raised. I'm being biased.

15 Salem

I've lived in Oregon most of my life but was born in West Yorkshire, England. To be honest te top three are one in the same. They are all so close together that tey are part of the Salem metropolitan statistical area. Meaning they're so close you can't really tell a difference expect Salem has 375,000 people and the others only have at most 100,000 maybe. But Salem has the name Cherry City because of the breath taking sites in spring. It is truly one of the most gorgeous well planned cites I've ever been in. I've been around the world and Salem is where my heart is. I have no urge to ever leave except to see more of the world. But once I finish medical school in 3 years I won't move anymore out side of my beloved state. Sorry for the long comment but I had to share.

16 Springfield
17 Blue River
18 Corvallis
19 Waldport
20 Hillsboro
21 Tigard
22 Beaverton

Born and raised

23 Cottage Grove
24 Canby
25 Grants Pass
26 Oakland
27 Milton Freewater
28 Redmond
29 Oakridge
30 Junction City
31 Walterville
32 Lakeview
33 Gresham
34 Ontario
35 The Dalles
36 North Bend
37 Canyonville
38 Lake Oswego
39 Central Point
40 Klamath Falls
41 Forest Grove
42 Lowell
43 Powers
44 Roseburg
45 Keizer
46 Harrisburg
47 Jacksonville
48 Burns
49 Baker City
50 Rouge River
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