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21 Barrow

Couldn't be located in a better place! Perfect for my Fogbusters and Cloudliners to take a rest. Connector between Australia and Europe.

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22 Melbourne

Upgraded Equinox can fly from Melbourne to Singapore but cannot fly from Sydney to Singapore. Not vital though.

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23 Bergen

Good extremely low-cost airport for beginners trying to fly the Iceland/Greenland route from Europe. Belfast works too. The starting Griffin-C can make the journey with a few fuel tank upgrades.

24 Rio De Janeiro

Connects Africa with South America if you have Class 2 planes. - ethanmeinster

Its okay but not in an ideal place to get to Africa

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25 Detroit

A class 2 airport that has a lot of jobs too

26 Palu

Pali is only good if you have a fleet of class 1 planes making journeys from Australia to Asia. Is extremely useful for those people

27 Boston Boston

Boston - Madrid routes are very suitable if you want to dominate the world with a Pearjet and Aeroeagle...might need to expand the range.Very helpful to start a new world in North America if started in Asia Europe etc

28 Norilsk

Best place of you got only tier three planes!

29 Tokyo

A good starting point to go from Asia to North or South America

30 Bangkok

Bangkok is in a great position to get anywhere around Asia and Oceania.

31 Rangoon

You can go to Middle East via this place

32 Glasgow

Good if coming from Berlin to go to Iceland. Also good for going to america via Iceland and Greenland

helps me

33 Paris, France Paris, France

This is a great city to have if you have New York, most class 2/class 3 planes can make it from New York to Paris. Along with London

34 Auckland

Good to fly

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