Top 10 Best Cities In Texas

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21 Irving
22 Laredo V 1 Comment
23 Blossom
24 Lubbock

I live here, and even though it's not that safe here I still love it. Where Texas Tech is.

25 Midland

This is where USA gets a lot of there oil from.

26 Vidor
27 San Marcos
28 Wichita Falls

This may be a 'small city' to most but, it has plenty to offer and there's al ot within a few hours travel to Dallas/Fort worth, Abilene, OKC, Lawton, Anadarko,, etc. You will enjoy the amenities and living expenses compared to most Texas cities. This will depend on if you are a North Texas soul, Central, South, East West, etc. The other area I would recommend is the Great San Antonio Area [San Marcos, Round rock, San Marcos, Gonzalez, Marion, McQueeny, Schertz, Cibolo, Selma, Universal City, Poteet, pretty much anything on loop 1604 including Castroville.)

29 Abilene
30 Richardson V 1 Comment
31 Leander

I live in this city. Surprised an underrated city with a Wikipedia page short like your typical "random page" is here. - TeamRocket747

32 Grand Prairie
33 Praha
34 Coppell
35 Kirby
36 Victoria

Nestled 2 hours from everywhere. A solid city in south Texas that is often over looked

37 San Angelo

Amazing place... Not racist.

38 Copperas Cove

Nice little town, full of people who are related to the military, very low crime, and lots of recreation.

Apparently the worst city in Texas

39 Plano

Safest city of all of North Texas.

40 Aledo
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