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21 Park City, UT

With plenty of things to do all year (hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter), as well as being close to many other attractions, such as lakes and multiple other ski resorts, this small town in Utah is perfect to be high on this list. It also has many tourist attractions and stores.

22 Houston
23 Detroit

More people are visiting! I'm so happy.

Who would visit Detroit - noahkirch

24 Traverse City

My brother and I visited Traverse City during their cherry festival. We had fun but I remember they were mad at Don Henley because he apparently had to cancel an appearance there. We were looking forward to seeing Henley, but we enjoyed it anyway and it is very scenic there.

25 Portland

Portland, Maine or Portland, Oregon? - EpicJake

26 Jackson Hole
27 Lansing
28 Ann Arbor
29 Marquette, MI
30 Blairsville, GA

Best city in the world!

31 Pittsburgh

Great city nice people good food etc.

32 Morgantown, WV V 1 Comment
33 Grand Marais

I already see some Great Lakes cities on this list, but Grand Marais is an unbelievably relaxed atmosphere. Honestly, even when it's crowded there, you don't care because it is so beautiful right on Lake Superior. Highway 61 (meaning Dylan's Highway 61) runs right through Grand Marais. It is a town of only 14-hundred, but you'll never find a more congenial host. The restaurants are fantastic, and the town is full of interesting gift shops and novelty stores. The atmosphere is rustic but not in a backwoods kind of way. It's got to be the most mellow town in America. I don't think you could have a bad time there if you tried.

34 Charleston
35 Myrtle Beach SC

There is a lot of seafood, endless swaths of beaches, piers here and there, the largest waterpark in South Carolina, golf courses...

36 Doswell VA

Kings Dominion, a Cedar Fair Park. Near DC and Richmond

37 Charlottesville
38 Baltimore

Best city to live!
No ghettos and there are never crimes.

39 Columbus, OH
40 Milwaukee, WI
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