Best Cities In Virginia


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1 Virginia Beach
2 Richmond

Agreed! Richmond has much more impact on a national scale, it's historic and has economic importance. Not everything has to be about tourism and beaches.

That's hilarious. Bad News ranks higher than the River City. There's no way NN is as influential as RVA. Same goes for the dirty little beach city.

3 Arlington
4 Alexandia
5 Newport News
6 Chesapeake
7 Norfolk
8 Roanoke
9 Woodbridge

I have lived in Woodbridge for over 20 years. During that time it has transferred from a place where Mexican immigrants used ti stand/sit on the corner of Route 1 waiting for someone to drive by and offer them employment. Oer the past 10 years Woodbridge Route 1 has changed from trees to $300k-$500K townhouses and single family homes. Also new apartments and reised old apartments. According to the Washingtonian Magazine Woodbridge zipcode 22191 is a flourishing and great place to lie and raise children. I live in a senior complex in this zip code. The elementary schools are safe, blacks living in the area can be seen walking their dogs along major paths just like the other minorities and whites. Its makes you think, these people are giving up something to try to live somewhere where their children and family can be safe. I applaud them. I grew up in the 40s thru 70, in Portsmouth, Virginia. There was prejudice (black on black as well as white on black and white on white but little). ...more

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10 Hampton

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11 Radford
12 Yorktown
13 Tysons Corner
14 Fredericksburg
15 Charlottesville V 1 Comment
16 Suffolk V 1 Comment
17 Reston

I was born in this city, and I lived there till I was six years old. I miss how close everything was to each other,

18 Gainesville
19 Manassas
20 Glen Allen
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1. Radford
2. Hampton
3. Richmond
1. Arlington
2. Alexandia
3. Virginia Beach



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