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1 Benny

Z�'s longtime partner in crime, he is a friendly City of God drug dealer who fancies himself a sort of Robin Hood, and wants to eventually lead an honest life. - anthonybecerra831

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2 Knockout Ned
3 Li'l Zé/Li'l Dice

An ultra-violent, sociopathic drug dealer who takes sadistic pleasure in killing his rivals. When his only friend, Benny, is struck by fate, it drives him over the edge. - anthonybecerra831

4 Rocket

The main narrator and protagonist. A quiet, honest boy who dreams of becoming a photographer, and the only character who seems to keep from being dragged down into corruption and murder during the gang wars. - anthonybecerra831

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5 Angélica

An old friend and love interest of Rocket, and later Benny's girlfriend, who motivates him to abandon the criminal life. - anthonybecerra831

6 Carrot

A smaller-scale drug dealer who is friendly with Benny but is constantly threatened by Z� - anthonybecerra831

7 Shaggy

Leader of the Tenderness Trio ("Trio Ternura"), a group of thieves who share their profit with the population of the City of God. - anthonybecerra831

8 Goose

One of the Tenderness Trio, and Rocket's brother. - anthonybecerra831

9 Tiago

And�lica's redheaded boyfriend, who later becomes Li'l Z�'s associate and a drug addict. - anthonybecerra831

10 Clipper

One of the Tenderness Trio. Later gives up crime and joins the church. - anthonybecerra831

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11 Kyrah
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