Best City Names in the World


The Top Ten

1 Los Angeles (USA) Los Angeles (USA)

This is way better than New York. New York is like New Yark! Haha

2 Obama (Japan)
3 Phoenix (USA)

I have to admit, this is pretty awesome.

named after a mythical bird of fire - anthonybecerra831

HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY! THIS IS THE BEST NAME EVER! It is like the mystical bird that dumbledore owns!

4 Riga (Latvia)
5 Sparta (Greece)
6 Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)
7 Frankfurt (Germany)
8 Karak (Jordan)
9 Perth (Australia)
10 Warsaw (Poland)

The Contenders

11 Moose Jaw (Canada)
12 Nice (France)

Well, it sounds like a very nice place. - PianoQueen

13 Mathura (India)
14 Shanghai (China) Shanghai (China)

Noodles, Shanghai Rolls, Classical-aged gardens, palaces & temples, Classic China Beauties and the likes are only found here in Shanghai! But there's one resident who is so proud of her country when she represent China to Asia's Next Top Model, it's Liu Bei Si!

15 Lugano (Switzerland)
16 Etobicoke (Ontario)

Don't ask for a Pepsi in that town hehe. - BKAllmighty

17 Seattle (USA) Seattle (USA) Seattle is a seaport city on the west coast of the United States. It is the seat of King County, Washington.
18 Verona (Italy)
19 Manila (Philippines)
20 Montreal (Canada) Montreal (Canada)
21 Shiraz (Iran)
22 Surat (India)

The best city.. Always fun to live here.. Its real peace of mind.. The green city rocks

23 Guadalajara (Mexico)
24 Utrecht (Netherlands)
25 Florence (Italy)
26 Pratt's Bottom (United Kingdom)
27 Columbia (USA)
28 Bogor (Indonesia)
29 Davao City (Philippines) Davao City (Philippines)
30 Cut n' Shoot (Texas)
31 Las Vegas (USA) Las Vegas (USA) Las Vegas, officially the City of Las Vegas and often known simply as Vegas, is the 28th-most populated city in the United States, the most populated city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County.
32 Athens (Greece) Athens (Greece)
33 San Antonio (USA)
34 Tokyo (Japan) Tokyo (Japan)
35 Istanbul (Turkey) Istanbul (Turkey)
36 Karachi (Pakistan) Karachi (Pakistan)
37 Lahore (Pakistan)

Nice city

38 Islamabad (Pakistan)

Nice city and capital


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