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Nagisa Furukawa

Might be spoilers, read at your own discretion.

Nagisa is the kindest character, next to Ushio, in the whole series. People say she's the worst and it's probably because of her personality. Most people want that strong girl who can fend for herself and protect herself.

Honestly, myself, I like the girls that are sweet, innocent and kind. Nagisa is all this and more. All other characters in Clannad are falling for Tomoya trying their hardest to show it whereas Nagisa is just there, there for him everywhere. She doesn't have to try hard even if she doesn't know Tomoya shares the same feelings towards her. Love is being there for them all the time even if you aren't stronger than them, to show them that they care. Sure Ryou, Kyou, and Tomoyo could've been great romantic interests, later wife, to Tomoya but Clannad wouldn't be the heartbreaking tear jerker that it is without Nagisa's character to completely attach us to the series.

Nagisa's is the girl that Tomoya ...more

Nagisa is one of my favorite anime girls. Normally I don't go for the cute shy girl but she pulled me in. I never wanted to watch Clannad because I hate harems but then I watched the first episode and got hooked and watched anyways because even though there are other girls who like Tomoya, Nagisa is in my opinion, the only one that fits him perfectly. And I don't feel like Tomoya would of had the depth and passion that he had with Nagisa with the others. Anyways, I was watching Clannad and I found Nagisa'a character so very beautiful. Like I said, I normally don't like the shy girls who tend to cry but she was different. You watched her go from a shy girl who was always sick and didn't have much confidence, to slowly with the help of Tomoya gaining some confidence and making friends. She's sweet and kind to everyone and didn't have to do anything to grab Tomoya's attention, her presence itself did. She's also very sensitive of others and actually tries her best to help where she can. ...more

How on earth did Nagisa get the 3rd place? I was so shocked! She deserves to be number one. Most people prefer active girls who talk a lot to shy and innocent girls. That's one reason people don't like me that much. I am not writing going to write a biography of myself here but it's the truth. People think that it is a crime be shy, innocent and kind. I am not talking about my self here. I am talking about Nagisa. She is weak and helpless at times but inside she is strong. She is kindhearted to everyone.

Even though Nagisa isn't my favorite character, I think she does deserve to be number 1. Though she's a bit fragile, weak, helpless (at times), and a bit overreactive, anyone who watches the series know that Nagisa is kind hearted, caring, determined, loving, and most of all sensitive to others. Without Nagisa, the show wouldn't be what it is, and therefore she has the spotlight. Even though this is out of the blue to, she's also really pretty

Tomoya Okazaki

Tomoya needs to be first. He IS the main character after all. He develops more than anyone else in the anime.

I like tomoya, because he is very kind person so lovely men and always take care about their family.

For a self-confessed juvenile delinquent, he's far from that or the mean guy he keeps telling his daughter he is, he has a lot going for him!

He has one of the best character development in a show or movie I've seen.

Kyou Fujibayashi

Kyou was a very well written. She is probably one of the character with a huge amount of development over the series. I could relate with her very well.
Though it was clear from the very beginning that Nagisa is the main heroine of the story, the part where her heart is broken still made me cry. I am sure this isn't something everybody or as a matter of fact anybody would've felt.
But I did as I extremely like her. She will always remain the best Clannad character for me.

She might not be the main character but Kyou's personality really shines out in clannad. She's strong and has a high temper, but also has a sweet and caring side to her.

kyou is just way better than Nagisa.

Love KU.She has all the qualities to a great anime character. She's funny, caring, pretty, feisty, sweet and a tomboy.. Love her

Kotomi Ichinose

Best girl 100%. I liked all the girls in clannad but Kotomi had the best personality(personal presence) and was the funniest.

Favorite girl of Clannad and her life is largely an anagram of mine

Aw, Kotomi has everything. She's funny, smart and cute.. Love her. She might not be the main character but Kotomi makes the show what it is she's just beautiful!

Of all the characters who disappear after what happens to Nagisa, she's the one I miss the most.

Youhei Sunohara

It was really difficult to choose but I wanted to show Sunohara some love. He's the comic relief character, and he really brightened up the show. What I loved about him though was all the character development that we saw in After Story. With Mei and everything. He also always stayed a really loyal friend to Tomoya. Their friendship is so touching because even after beating the crap out if each other they just laugh again.

He is a great and underrated character. He is a humour relief and sometimes his words are deep and mature. I would not watched the series if he was not there. Best character for me..

Funniest guy in the anime nothing to say, always laughing with this guy have no idea why he is 7th he definitely should be first

Youhei is so funny and cute, he's easily one of the best! From when I watched the first episode I thought he was one of the coolest.

Tomoyo Sakagami

Tomoyo is a very ambitious character who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Even though she has superhuman strength, she is always striving to become a better person and improve a different type of strength. Her love for Tomoya is unmatched, and her very own visual novel "Tomoyo After" does wonders for her character development.

She's one of those characters that seem like tsunderes (tsunderes, to put in short, are characters that seem hard and insensitive on the outside, but once warmed up are finally caring), but in all terms, she's just about as caring, but stronger, then Nagisa. Even though she's not the spotlight of the series, Tomoyo can prove that she doesn't need protection from anyone else, and that all girls can be independent, unlike Nagisa.

Just awesome

"Tomoyo After" is even sadder than "CLANNAD After Story."

Fuko Ibuki

Fuko's funny, albeit weird and sometimes inappropriate, interesting how she never had any friends as a child and yet makes one just by meeting Ushio.

Cutest anime character I have ever seen

In my whole life I cried most for her and I really love her

She's so kawaii, cutest anime character. Ever

Akio Furukawa

Akio is one of my favorite characters period. He's funny when he wants, and he can also be very serious when he wants. He's a master of loving his family, and knows how to make the most of every moment in life. Or he's just the best actor there ever was.

Best dad

He's a savage LOL. He is awesome

Ushio Okazaki

I am actually surprised Ushio is only 10th. She makes up the heart of the After Story and is the center spotlight of "that" episode (you know, the episode that made us all cry like a 5 year old girl when she falls into Tomoya's arms crying "papa"). She is innocent, adorable, and her character's existence also has a much deeper meaning than just being Tomoya and Nagisa's daughter.

She deserves so much better! Come on, show her some love, people!

I love Ushio and the relationship she has with Tomoya in the series. I love her character because she is the reason why I long for a connection with a woman. So I can have a daughter and love her and my wife like Tomoya did with Nagasaki and Ushio. Also, she's just great. My second choice would probably be Nagasaki.

Ushio's the 9th? That can't be right! Is something wrong with my eyesight? I don't think I read that clearly.

Why if ushio saves nagisa is she not 1st or at least 3rd because she is the bravest one of the lot

Sanae Furukawa

She makes me laugh her and akio when she runs out the shop crying.

"Watashi no pan wa... watashi no pan wa..."

Still kills me to this day of laughter. God I love Nagisa's parents so much.

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Misae Sagara
Ryou Fujibayashi
Mei Sunohara

She is hot and a really caring sister

Yukine Miyazawa
Yusuke Yoshino
Katsuki Shima
Kazuto Miyazawa
Kouko Ibuki
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