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1 Just the Girl Just the Girl Cover Art

A very beautiful song... This songs is the best to express your school love... Just listen its wonderful...

Oh my god this song is gold. Its perfection. Its me and a whole lot of other people out there. I love the sound and the lyrics and just everything about this song. It is so perfect. I love love-hate relationships and this is my favorite song describing that. Beautiful and funny and just downright amazing! Listen to it and weep at the glorious angelic sound!

I love this song, it's got such an original theme but at the same time it's super catchy. I was obsessed with it and it was my summer anthem, still adoring it today.

The Greatest Song by The Click Five

2 Jenny Jenny Cover Art

I don't know what to vote they're all beautiful to hear

This is the best song of the click five

THE BEST! This sing inspired me to write my stories!

This my favorite from The Click Five, I love them so much.
I heard this song on the radio before and loved it even until now.

3 Empty Empty Cover Art

Best songs for emo

I simply love this song.This deserves at least a no.2. It speaks beautifully about all the regrets and heartbreaks one experiences after letting your loved one slip away and find yourself lost in time, wanting to go back

Superb... Hope they reunion soon

Just The Girl Jenny Empty

4 Don't Let Me Go Don't Let Me Go Cover Art

They played very well over the track Do not Let Me Go. Kyle is still audible vocals dominate the song with the power that can not be underestimated. Her songs are so good to hear. Have you seen her music videos? Tells the story of
Trafficking and sexual exploitation as well. A serious issue, but they can be explained by so touching.

First song I hear from them <3 very touching. I try some other songs from The Click Five but still I think this one is the best

5 Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Cover Art

It's great, in my opinion

6 Catch Your Wave Catch Your Wave Cover Art

This is a very catchy tune and I really love it. Listen and share your opinion!

What a great song from The Click Five

7 Kidnap My Heart
8 Pop Princess Pop Princess Cover Art

1. Pop Princess
2. Catch Your Wave
3. Just The Girl
4. Jenny
5. Happy Birthday

9 Good Day Good Day Cover Art
10 I'm Getting Over You I'm Getting Over You Cover Art

How is this not number one?!

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11 When I'm Gone When I'm Gone Cover Art

This is a great song! So why is it 16? Come on give your vote here!

I LOVE this song so much! This is great. Come on guys, vote for it, pretty please?! Xx

12 Friday Night Friday Night Cover Art
13 Mary Jane Mary Jane Cover Art

The best song ever! Why this number 14?

14 Flipside Flipside Cover Art

I think this song is kinda cute a catchy, loved Kyle's voice. this song is a little bit of classic mixed with pop together and I just love listening to it

15 Angel to You (Devil to Me) Angel to You (Devil to Me) Cover Art

Truly great song. Second only to Just the Girl. Tells of how sometimes people can have different views of people. She looks like a perfect angel to his friends but he sees her more devilish side. Amazing song. Superb vocals and lyrics and sound. It doesn't get much better than The Click Five! ;D

This song is awesome. This at least deserves to be one of the top 10's

I love this! Jenny Just the girl and Angel to you Devil to me.. are their best songs! The click five will always be my favorite band evur. Take note. Its 2k15 already!

16 Say Goodnight Say Goodnight Cover Art

Beautiful voice and instrumentals.

17 The Reason Why

Its just so beautiful. This and empty are my favorites

Oh my gosh this is definitely my favorite from TC5! Guys this is gold; more than gold. The lyirics, the instrumental sound... everything about it! Love it! Vote here guys, come on

Erghh why 18..? it should be in top 5..

18 Time Machine Time Machine Cover Art

I love this song!

19 Nobody's Business Nobody's Business Cover Art
20 I'll Take My Chances I'll Take My Chances Cover Art

Very nice song I always play this when I'm alone T_t

21 Summertime
22 Long Way to Go Long Way to Go Cover Art
23 All I Need Is You All I Need Is You Cover Art

This song deserves to be in the top 5

24 Resign Resign Cover Art
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