Abercrombie & Fitch


Abercrombie and Fitch is expensive, but it is worth it. Their clothing is very unique, I buy a lot of clothes from there each time I go to the mall.

Quality has dropped recently but the designs and array of clothing products are still of a high standard.

I love abercrombie. I get a lot of my clothes from there. - chantelmarie

Awesome store with great designs for your typical teenager. The styles are cute and a little expensive but SO worth it.

Abercrombie is the best brand ever I have seen it should be number 1 they have very good clothes

Its just the best in quality and in price as well as who can resist the Hollister temptation

I am surprised this or hollister isn't first or second

Just really cool, nice looking clothes!

I love it. Their clothes are so nice

AF is overplayed most people only wear it because the cool kids at their school wear it and they want to fit in, not because they actually like the clothes.

Great Cloths, Good prices, always a clean store.

Abercrombie is just my favorite overall

Amazing fabrics and very comfortable

Super comfy hoodies and sweatshirts

I love their clothes and their jeans

Love this brand due to wide range of colors in diff products

Nah lame gucci is better. Abercrombie and Fitch is old news

Good quality truly one of the best

They have only the best clothes

Best cloths and accessories ever!

I like how I can always know if there is a A&F store in the mall by the smell. :) great store with clothes that last a long time

It's awesome I have to jackets of Abercrombie one white and one blue and lots of t shirts

A&f and hollister is the best shirt brand, the quality simple and comfortable... aero? Duh?

Everyone wears AF! It's so popular and there is a reason why! They're soft good quality and fashionable

A&F is an one of the best in clothing... ! With an funky designs... Just loving it!