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41 New York and Company
42 Flying Machine

I don't feel like that it deserves space on 27 number. Not even in top 100

This is the best brand in price wise and in fit wise to all type of people...


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43 Hugo Boss

Best brand in the world. Top brand at Laguna clothing

If you like comfort check out there Maine brand jeans they are really soft and light for summer

Best quality you can get on the market, so if you like quality go get it now!

44 Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton

Nice clothes like the best in the world

Ummm duh! It's a no brainer! Louis vuitton is the hip, new fashion elite empire in the world! Even though it's been around since the 1800s, it's still one of those you never get tired of n it never gets old. Go Louis vuitton!

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45 H&M H&M

I has unique clothing for really good price, if you want to be in style or sometimes break the style, this is is the place for you

Super cheap with super cute clothes. Some of their clothes aren't very good quality but you would expect that from the price.

Just...well, the clothing is so trendy, but not so trendy it isn't tacky. It's so CLEAN...I love it.

It's so cheap. Only poor people buy H&M lol.
I have Lacoste and Ralph lauren really expensive clothing. :P

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46 New Balance

I love new balance trainers they are awesome especially the retro late seventies eighties styles


I, love DKNY..jeans and T shirt. it make feel so excited when ever I put them my body...

48 Vans

Damn daniel back at it again with the white vans

Vans is best brand in skate stuff

Vans is like the sickest brand around

Sick vans brohohohooo

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49 Ecko Red
50 Giorgio Armani

Top designer clothes from milan in Italy, with pure lines and good textile quality

Designer clothes from milan Italy, with pure lines good textile quality, which make it top at topbrand in fashion world

This is on no 5 or 4 but you put it on no 9 that is shoking

Ea7 is just amazing

51 Old Navy

It's not the greatest store it feels a little behind from the other stores, but low prices for a lot of things and really good quality

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52 Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a timeless brand with its own twist on classics, comfortably top 10 on this list if not top 3!

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53 rue21

Love Rue 21! All different types of clothing styles, accessories, and more for a very affordable price! The price is very good for the quality, which is top notch.

I jerk off there

54 Prada

Should be much hire as for it is luxury not rough horrid puma

Really luxurios

Sweet shoes

55 Versus
56 Bad Girl V 1 Comment
57 Fruit of the Loom
58 Wrangler

I just love this brand

Best in jeans! Love it!

I like wrangler its not on the top ten but I can assure you that their brand last quite a long time, I always buy when they have a sale. I mean who woulnd wanna buy a clouth made to last

Fabulous in denim clothd

59 Dior Dior V 1 Comment
60 Umbro

The best shoes and shirts ever.I've used shoes and they're fine bellieve me.

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