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61 Amy Byer

Fashionable. Should be higher, much, much higher! - funnyuser

62 Moncler

High quality, but too high prices

Top 20

63 Lee

It bather than any

Simple, classy.


64 Reebok

Very good product provided by reebok

This desi Indian company

65 Faded Glory

Walmart clothes are fine, I don't care much about clothes though.

So cheap

66 Converse

Converse are absolutely my favorite shoe so awesome

Great!, their shoes are cool especially chuck.

All my shoes are converse I love converse 100%

Great cool timeless shoes

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67 Jordan

Should at least be top 20



top 10

68 Quiksilver

The best clothing company ever!


69 Armani Exchange

Armani is great quality... It's literally amazing, you'd be suprise how long your clothes would last, but it has to be taken care of, it's guarantee to last up to 10 years until wear and tear starts to happen.

Topdesigner clothes with pure lines and good textile quality, should be placed upper at this list

Clothing is great


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70 Pepe Jeans

Best in jeans and sirt..

Just..loved it!

71 Burberry

I love there trench coat

Burberrys for the classiest lady and gent around, it stands with Louis Vuitton and Gucci for price and produces the best quality items, it's probably so low because it is an acquired taste

love it

This should be top 20 at least. Amazing quality and you can’t underestimate the sexiness factor. Plus this brand just make me feel good when I’m wearing it, that’s important to me.

72 Moschino

Best newcomer brand in the modern age!

My favorite is moschino

73 Ralph Lauren

Started a job at 15 so icould buy my polos,33 years later and still wear nothing but polo. Love them, last forever, colors are awesome and never go out!

My favorite best name brand

Cute and good quality clothes

There cloth is clean and beautiful

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74 Superdry

Got to be right up there in the top five. Their New York store is the best I've ever seen. Very industrial and real Urban. These guys have some great designers behind them.

Products are so dam good. Amazing products.. But the only problem is that prices are too much high.

One of the best polos in the market


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75 Tapout

Great fitness wear!

76 Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent Yves Saint Laurent YSL is a French luxury fashion house founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé.

Very expensive French brand but so classy

So chic! Very fashionable! Expensive, but worth it!

Very goood

77 Mosh It Up Clothing

Awesome dudes. Ran into 'em at Mayhem Fest, even though I've had my eye on 'em for a while. Bought a few shirts while I was there as gifts for the friends who couldn't be there!

The owner is genuinely one of the most down to earth people I talk to. Great prices and amazing fan appreciation!

Great shirts awesome guys you can't beat what they do

Have been a customer for MIU clothing for years now. Great company

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78 Supreme

Best clothing!

What the hell 89% this website is broken

This website should kill itself


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79 Aquascutum

It's the tatti and pesab type company I don't like it

80 Lee Cooper

Simply the best! better than calvin and tommy hilfiger!

Simply the best! better than tommy butfiger and calvin-sorry for the words!


Excellent fit, design, and very comfortable raw spandex denim.

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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