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161 Rare Rabbit
162 J.Crew

Quality and design are apparent, and compared to competitors they have pretty good deals (NOT a discount store). Their Crewcuts line is adorable!

163 everGirl

I love everGirl. Always pink with a bit of shine!

Bring everGirl back.

The clothing line
The toys
The video games
The website
The music video
The CD single
The digital cameras

Un-discontinue the product brand as soon as possible. - shelleyduvallfan10

164 Ugg

The warmest most comfy boots ever! Very well made! A must have for winter!

165 Rifle
166 Bossini

Best in class... Quality fit amazing compare to others... also note design checks colours.. Are unique compare to other local Indian brands.. Try it

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167 Justice

Best style clothing for 8-12 year olds and the clothing is pretty, fun, cute and sparkly! I love it

I'm going to get another Justice Electric Beach swim ring from the Easter Bunny. - shelleyduvallfan10

Its great the aldc shop there

So cute xoxo

168 Spitfire

One word about it AWESOME

Best wheels ever!

169 Famous Stars and Straps
170 Tripp NYC
171 Lost & Loveless Clothing
172 Ink for Your Letter Apparel
173 Done Dirty Clothing
174 Crocodile

It's pretty famous in Eastern Asia. I love them.

175 Lutz Huelle

Creative and exclusive and never goes out of fashion

176 Victoria's Secret PINK

This should be number 1 they have supper cute clothes more than polo

Excuse me this should be number 1. 148? give me a break

Really! Are you serious? 184!

Bras, undies, trendy clothing

177 Celio

Great quality to go along with both trendy and classic clothes!

Good quality and design.

178 Peter England

I think it's the best. Fine clothes!

Really best clothing brands

179 Alexander McQueen
180 Vero Moda
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