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21 Villetta Nu Villetta Nu

She is the best example for a change into a more tolerant person. I love these Japanese-Britannian couples who shows the power of love and the unnessesairyness of war, distrust und intolerance!

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22 Leila Malcal Leila Malcal

Interesting and lovely character. It is heartwarming to see how she cares for Akito.

23 Clovis la Britannia

Lol no offense but he's just there in the anime for like 1 ep

24 Kaguya Sumeragi
25 Diethard Ried

Very interesting character to watch throughout the series. Has an interesting perspective.

Ino's long lost brother.

He's such an interesting character...he doesn't seem to have any motives except be entertained by the world.

26 Shin Kei
27 Kyoshiro Tohdoh
28 Mao
29 Nina Einstein Nina Einstein

No love! I cannot forgive you cause what you did to table chan. HE HAD DREAMS!

She's a furniture rapist

Who the HELL put her on this list!?!?!?!

She raped a table! How could she be on the list?

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30 Charles Di Britannia

Strong lad, strong opinions. He is the ultimate bad guy!

My best boy

31 Marianne vi Britannia
32 Odysseus eu Britannia
33 Guinevere Su Britannia
34 Carine Ne Britannia
35 Marrybell Mel Britannia
36 Gabrielle la Britannia
37 Empress Tianzi
38 Shin Hyuga Shaing
39 Bismarck Waldstein
40 Sayoko Shinozaki
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