Best Code Lyoko Characters

The Top Ten
1 Odd Della Robbia

He's So funny! A carefree guy is JUST what this show needs! Everyone else is always so uptight and Odd is definitely the most useful since Ulrich and Yumi are always obsessed with each other!

My man... First on the list...

2 Aelita Schaeffer-Hopper

She was my first cartoon rolemodel. She taught me how to be myself. She was going through a lot of the things I was.

Aelita is best. She's smart and really pretty.

3 Yumi Ishiyama

Yumi is pretty but annoying because she is always angry when Ulrich is with Sissi.

4 Ulrich Stern

He should be at the top of this list 'because he's my favorite character due to him being the most serious member of is group. And who cares if there are uptight characters in Code Lyoko? I like them instead of laid-back ones, especially since uptight folks are more useful than funny ones like that clown Odd, who I hate more than his friends.

Ulrich is awesome. He has the most abilities. Supersprint, triplecate and triangulate. He also has double swords

Ulrich is much better than Odd.

He's so handsome!

5 Sissi Delmas
6 Jérémie Belpois

He's just so likable and smart. Without him the whole show wouldn't even exist.

7 William Dunbar

I HATE it that he was a good guy for only half of one episode! They should have made him go on a mission or two.

8 Brynja Heringsdötir
9 Heidi Klinger
10 Jim Morales

Jim is funniest character is this show.

Jim for the win!

The Contenders
11 Anais Fiquet

Odd fails with her

12 Claire Girard
13 Emily LeDuc
14 X.A.N.A.
15 Milly Solovieff
16 Franz Hopper Schaeffer
17 Magali De Vasseur
18 Akiko Ishiyama
19 Kiwi
20 Nicolas Poliakoff
21 Jean-Pierre Delmas
22 Suzanne Hertz
23 Hiroki Ishiyama
24 Herb Pichon
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